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Germany: On Easter Eve young people dance around bonfires. They sing Easter songs, leap over the bonfire, set large straw wheels on fire and roll them down the hillside. The flaming wheel is a symbol of the sun. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latin America: Fireworks are lighted on Easter Saturday. Ireland & Scotland: On Easter Eve a white candle is lighted and the ceremony is called striking the new fire.
Lambri: Bright Day: Greek Easter
On Holy Saturday night a priest uses one candle to light all the other candles. At midnight churchbells ring, ships sound their whistles, and firecrackers go off. Easter eggs are dyed blood-red only.
Pysanki: Written Eggs
(pron. PEE-sank-ee) Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Ukraine Decorated eggs made with a batik method using beeswax. An XV is put on the egg standing for Christ is risen. Baskets of eggs are blessed at church on Easter Saturday

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