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La veille de la Toussaint: The Veil of All Saints, La nuit des masques: Masquerade Night
These are the names for Halloween in Provence, Rennes and Lyon, France. Rennes is French for reindeer and is part of Bretagne: Brittany. Provence is the center of Alesia: Veiled City, Gaule, an archeological site where evidence has been found of Dru de Mortilage being practiced. This is where the dead float down the river to rebirth. Drue de Mortilage is currently in Shakespeare’s Ophelia.

La veille de Samhan: Veil of Summer: Twelve lighted candles in a clod of earth from the churchyard will set the fortune of each of the candle-light named for him,–steady, wavering, or soon in darkness. (21)

La Chandelle: Candle: It is said that lighting a new orange candle at midnight on Samhain and burning it until sunrise will bring rathadach: good luck. (22)

Rosadach: Unlucky: Journeying after sunset. Baking bread. Burning Samhain candles at other times of the year is said to bring bad luck and strange portents. (22)

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