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British Isles Customs
na h-úlla ag bogadhál ar bharr an uisce: Bobbing for Apples:
  Known to some as ducking for apples if they submerge their head under the water to catch the apple. A party game where apples are dumped into a tub of water. The first person to lift out an apple by grabbing the stem with his teeth wins a prize. This is a modern reminder of an ordeal by water (3, 4)

Is mór an spraoi againne nuair a bhíonn na h-úlla ag bogadhál ar bharr an uisce
[pron. iss mohr an spree ah-ginn-eh noo-ir ah vee-un nah hoo-lah egg bug-ah-dhawl err war on ish-geh]
We have great fun when the apples are bobbing on the water

Snap and Candy Apples: Candy apples, apples dipped in sugar syrup and placed on a wooden stick, are very popular. Snap apple is a game where an apple is dangled from a string . The arms are tied behind the back and people bite at the apple. The first person who bites into the coin inside the apple wins. It is an ordeal by fire when the hanging stick has a lit candle tied to it. (3, 4).

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