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Cóisir, Co-heshaght yinnairagh: Dinner Parties (pron. koh-shirr)
A special family meal is cooked for Halloween in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Popular foods are: berreen ooyllagh: apple tarts, apple cake, bonnag Samhna: Samhain cake, pye smeyragh: blackberry pie, colcannon (mashed potatoes with cabbage), lahney praase boxty (fried mashed potato crêpe pancakes), cro coull: hazelnuts, cro sharroo: filberts, pishyr hallooin: peanuts, cro bainney: coconuts, potato pudding, pasties: meat pies, and tea.

We’ll have great fun at the party: Beidh spraoi mór againn ag an gcuireadh (Bye spree more og-inn egg on gwir-eh)

 A popular drink at Halloween gatherings since the eighteenth century is La Mas Ubhal: Day of Apple Fruit (pron. Lambs’-wool); milk mixed with crushed roasted crab-apples. Halloween Parties are celebrated by families of all ages. A variety of games are played. Baked cakes and tarts have prizes inside them. A wedding ring signifies marriage. Coins signify wealth; key a journey, a button for bachelorhood and a thimble for an old maid. (3, 4, 22)

We played games and ate our fill of cakes, nuts and apples
Bhíomar ag imirt cluiche agus d’alp muid ár gcuid den chiste, chnónna agus úlla
(Lvee-im-er egg im-irth cliff-eh ah-gus dholp muidge awr guidge djen kish-teh know-anah ah-gus oola)

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