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Faery Places

ó dheas, Aneas, Dess (Go South) Deisceart (South) Carmarthen Dwyfed, Demetia, Deisi (Southern Kingdom) Gorias (Warmth)

Pwyll, Pull, Poell, Wyllow, Gwyllow: Wailing, Weeping / Ciall, Céill: Sense, Understanding, Darling: (pron. POO-ul, WIL-oh, KAYL) King of Narbeth Court: Tree of Eminating Life. Handsome with nut-brown hair & green eyes. He chases after Rhiannon: Great Queen 3 times from the hilltop & asks for her hand in marriage. She is engaged to Gwawl: Light. At their wedding feast, Pwyll waits in the orchard by the house until the height of the festivities, walks into the hall & asks Gwawl for food to fill his perpetually empty sack. Gwawl enters the sack, is tied up in the bag as a badger until he agrees to call off his engagement. [Badger in the Bag is the victory of night and darkness over day]. (pron. oh yes, DEHS, DESCH-KAHRT, DUF-it, Daffid) It is a city lit by torches. Indeoin na Dese: Anvil of the South has 3 showers: a shower of fire, a shower of water, and a shower of precious stones of pure purple. The Gae Bolga: Spear of Lugh where the holder is always victorious is the representation of the sun at Midsummer that rules over the Southern Sky. The harvest grain of Summer. The spear is said to be like a singing flame. It burned continually, and from it every fire in Ireland was kindled. The glow of it reached up to the mountain tops. The glow of it reached under the forest trees. The glow of it shot into the darkness and made a halo of light far beyond the 3 waves of Mananaun.

Pwyll has a large pack of hounds and once shapeshifted into the god Arawn: Slow Sun to rule the Underworld for a year and defeat Hafgan: Summer. Dances are called céidhlidhs (KAY-lees) after him. The Church of Lanteglas dedicated to him. [no w header in Welsh] Traigh Lí: Tralee is named after the god Fer Lí: mac Dedad: Bright Man son of the South. It holds the power of the land. (52, 71, 73, 97, 133, 150, 161, 203) [Worlds List]

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