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Faeries 6

Leprechaun, Lepracán (Fairy Shoemaker) Lucharachán (Small Body) Faylinn (Enchanted Water) Clauricauns (Thistle Ones) Lurikeen, Lurigadaun (Delightful Ones) Luachair, Luacharman (Rushes, Rushyman) Leith Brog, Leith Bhrogan (Lunar Halo) Broc (Badger) Logherymen, Luchrymen (Lunar Gleam) Lunantishee (Moon House Fairies) Lunatics (Moon House Ones) Lutins (Lunar Ones)
Be Bó (Beautiful Cow)
Irish goddess and Queen of the Faylinn. She is beautiful, two feet tall, with long shining golden hair, blue eyes, and rowan-berry cheeks. She was captured by the god Fergus Mac Léide when she journeyed to his moon palace. When he had sex with her he placed his hand on top of her head, explaining that his penis was seven fists long while she was only three fists high and he was afraid it would go through her head. Bebo told him not to worry as it’s many a thing that a woman’s loins absorb. (43, 58)

[Iodadh: Yew Ogham]Iubhdan (Yew)
(pron. youb-dan). King of the Faylinn people or Leprechauns. Beautiful, two feet tall, with long black hair and rowan berry cheeks. He and his wife went to the moon court of Fergus Mac Léide and were captured. His people tried to ransom him with corn. When Fergus told him he had sex with his wife, the goddess Bebo, he replied She liked that. At the second notification he replied You liked that. The third time was both and by the fourth time he condemed him. Iubhdan and Bebo were allowed to return home when they gave him enchanted shoes. The Faylinn palace has 12 doors of gold, crystal pillars, columns of silver and gold, and marble floors. The monastery at Iubhar-Chinntrechta (Yew), now Newry, was named after the yew tree which Patrick himself had planted, and its burning in 1162 was a national outrage. (6, 43, 44, 58, 140)

(pron. lep-rih-kawn, loo-chra-kawn, KLOOR-ih-kawns, LOO-TANS) In Standish Hayes O’Grady’s The King of the Leprecán’s Journey to Emania: The leprechauns are decribed by King Fergus Mac Léide: Man son of Badger as beautiful, tiny people with long ringleted golden hair, white skin and rowan-berry cheeks. The court women wear green, red, and mauve satin gowns, gold chains, amber jewelry preserved with insects, and hair to their ankles. The court men wear gold tunics, scarlet cloaks, and white bronze shoes ornamented with gold. They play Fidchell: Wooden Wisdom & Brandubh: Black Raven which are chessboard-like games.

 Leprechauns make shoes for the faeries and are thought to be the offspring between faeries and hobgoblins. They eat Brisgein: Faery butter the roots of silverweed, heather and create Uiscebeatha: The Water of Life (pron. ish-geh-RAH-hah, OOSH-kuh BAY-huh) also called whiskey. The were taught to make heath[er] ale by the Danes: Water from Heaven People. They possess glamour and can shapeshift to almost human size, dust, animals, robins, or become invisible. They guard the holy blackthorn trees and will not allow a stick to be cut on Martinmass (Nov. 11) or May 11 (original May Day) because it brings misfortune.

 Modern leprechaun men are old, with light grey skin, wrinkled faces and silver buckled shoes. They dress in green Renaissance jerkin coats (the jerkin has a skirt that hangs between the waist & knee) or a red coat with seven buttons in each row, with matching colored trousers buckled at the knee, black or blue stockings, leather apron, red silk purse & a three-cornered top hat they can sometimes be seen spinning on. They are believed to mark their buried treasure spots with rainbows. These are bridges to the Otherworld. They keep treasure under a Sith Bhruaich: fairy hill with a door in it. If you find it, you must leave before sundown, or you will be trapped forever. Live under trees and at ruined castles. Porky Pig in The Wearing of the Grin cartoon ©1951 had a nightmarish encounter with 2 at their castle, 1 dressed in red & 1 in green.

 Lúachrán also Lúachair: pagan capital of Munster in Co. Kerry / s.w. Co. Limerick Yn Leetey: Leith. Badgers represent creation. They dive under the sea and bring up the earth to create the world. Gwawl: Light is imprisoned by Pwyll in his bag like a badger in a sac The victory of darkness over light. (43, 44, 107, 184)

All the hidden treasures of the world are known to leprechauns. For this reason leprechauns are constantly pursued by fortune-hunters & are able to outsmart them all. If ever captured by a human, the Leprechaun has the magical power to grant 3 wishes in exchange for their release. You must seize firmly & keep your eyes fixed until told where the legendary crock of gold is. – Mary McGarry.

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