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Faery Places

Mediomagos, Magh Mide (Middle Plain) Na Mí, Meath (Honey Mead) Grianaig (Land of the Sun)

Eó Mugna
Eó Mugna, great was the fair tree, high its top above the rest;
thirty cubits–it was no trifle–
that was the measure of its girth.
Three hundred cubits was the height of the blameless tree,
its shadow sheltered a thousand:
in secrecy it remained in the north and east.

The Oak of Mugna, it was a hallowed treasure;
nine hundred bushels was its bountiful yield:
it fell in Dairbre southward,
across Mag Ailbe
– Dinshenchas

Ruled by the Earth goddess Erin: Snowdrop & Mac Gréine: Son of Sun. She is controller of the western apple garden of immortality, patroness of the royal seat of Uisnech Yr Wyddfa: The Chained Eagles of Snowdon

Trefuilngid Tre-eochair (Triple Bearer of the Three Sprouts Triple Key) Traighthren (Strong As Iron) Tressach, Treasach, Tracy, Treasaigh (Triple) Trebhair, Trevor (Three)
(pron. TRAH-sak, TRES-sach) God of the seamróg-shamrock, a three leaf clover. The latin word for clover is trefoil after him. He controls the setting and rising of the sun and is consort of the triple goddess Macha: Fertile Plain He is a large curly golden-haired giant who wears a white gold-edged robe, carries a stone tablet and a immortal branch with both flowers, fruits, nuts, apples and acorns growing at the same time. He needs no food as the branch sustains him. With the seamróg or Triple Key he created sacred trees for the druids and told the history of Ireland to the people. He comes to the court of Conan: Reed from the West where the sun sets and heads east to paradise. Treochair shakes the fruits from his branch onto the ground where they are planted in the 5 divisions of Ireland growing into the 5 sacred trees. 3 fruits: Eò Rossa [Yew of Ross, Leinster], Eò Mugna: Tree of Mughna [Oak at the mouth of the Shannon River, Meath], Bile Tortan: Tree of Tortan [Red-Sided Ash on Magh Tortan Plain. Ardbraccan, Meath]. Two other sacred trees to mark the center of the 5 provinces are: Bile Uising-Usnagh [Ash west of Mullingar in Westmeath near The Stone of Divisions Teffia’s territory], Craeb Dathi [Ash, Farbill, Westmeath]. The book of Talesin says the trees were invisible hidden from sight, but one monk managed to somehow see through the illusion and decided to cut down the Yew of Ross for his church. It is said that a chip from the first cut into the Tree flew into the monk’s eye, and he was blind in that eye from that day forward. The spirits of the Trees were unharmed and taken into the Otherworld from where they had originally come. His feast day is March 17th. Sceir, Sirra, Eochair: Reef. [Worlds List] (6, 61, 62, 82, 133, 208, 209)

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