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Faery Places

Tír-uaine (Green Land, Land of the Green Mountains) Gwerrdonau Llon (Green Meadows of the Sea) La Isla Sobreverde (The Green Isle)

Found in the Welsh Triads. Green Faery Islands, reposing, In sunlight and beauty on Ocean’s Calm Breast – Parry’s Welsh Melodies

Arduinna, Arddun, Anduine (Blind) Arcet ferch Guinevere, Arches, Arcine, Ardens, Ardent, Ardra, Ars, Arsa, Arsajoux, Arsatte, Arsé, Arset, Arsy (High One, One of the Mountains) §Dea Augusta Andarta, Artio, Arco, §Arthes Leto, Artemis ní Art (Bear) Latis, Latona (The Invincible One) An Dris, Drysi, Andraste, Andreas (Thorn) Odras, Udra, Audra (Black Watery One, Black Otter) Deòin, Deo-uaine, Uaine (Green, Verdant Plant Life) Úna, Visuna, Oonagh, Unna ab Mord, Onagh, Oonagy (Hunger) Augaine, Úghaine (Lamb) Uanfhind, Uainionn (Foam-White Complexion) Duw, Duiu, Duy, Deiouona = Dîvona, Dêvona (Deified One) Onniona (Gorse)
(pron. AHR-dehn, AHR-dawnt, AHN-dras, OON-ee, OOH-naw, OO-na, OOAN-in) Worshipped in Gallia & Berne. Devon river, Les Arces: Vallée Verte, Les Arcets: Cordon, Arsa: La Brûlée, Alpe d´Arsy, Springs of Baden Baden are named for her. Queen Boudicca of the Iceni, Bó Dia, offered a sacrifice to her in an ancient grove before her anti-Roman campaign. The bronze statue of Muri shows her carrying a bowl, flowers, fruits; A bear sits under a tree. Pictures have her accompanied by a boar, a statuette has her riding one and she demands a fine of money for every animal killed in her wood. Her people are the green spirit life of trees: pale green as the leaves of the lime, tall, lithe and graceful, with radiant eyes, and delicate earth-brown hair crowned by pale flowers.
The Boar was sacred to the Celtic Goddess Arduinna, patroness of the forests of the Ardennes. He was sacrificed as the Yule pig with an apple in his mouth, and his blood begot gods both east and west. ...Britain still has a number of Boar’s Head inns and taverns, suggesting that in pre-Christian times the heads of sacrificed animals were preserved as oracular fetishes just like the heads of deified ancestral heroes. (6)

(pron. TEER OOH-N) The Land of the Green Mountains is near D’yeree-in-Dowan: The End of the World. It is full of fish, forests, and has a sun that rises and sets. The King of the Fish Fionnbhar lives there under a flat brown stone. A bronze castle on a lonely cliff is there too filled with silver, gold, and gems and guarded by beautiful Queen Uaine: Green Plant Life with a golden key. The bronze castle was moved to the capital city by a giant and placed next to the city’s castle on a high rock. One portal to it is Ess Ruaidh: Red Cataract Lake where Uaine can be seen playing her harp. The Goddess of the moon, earth, dúile: elements, death aspect of silence, hunting, and forests has dark-blue eyes, blonde hair, blush the color of a wild rose and skin as white as milk-foam . She and her thirty birds sing to Caoilte accompanied by Cascorach on the harp.

 Her symbol is the white moon-flower. She is the sovereignty of Argyll & lives at the Isle of A-Rinn: Isle of the Peaks. She has 17 sons, is Queen of all the Faeries of Ireland & can take the form of a green shadow with green fire in her eyes moving through oak forests. She picks strawberries by a mountain wood in summer with her sisters: Aine [River] , Gráinne [Sun] / Stana [Flax]. One of the Three Faithful Women of the Island of Britain with Efeilian: Resemble & Emer who tends a cow herd The Mórrígán turned her into a pool of water after stealing one of her cows. Consorts: Cathal: Husk & Madawc: Reptile.

 In The Three May Peaches She is the Princess of Ardennes who falls ill. The healer in the forest says she needs three peaches to become well. The peaches are found in four days [Four is the sacred number of creation] by a beautiful prince with the help of 100 rabbits. As Laptitza she gives birth to two little boys with golden hair and stars on their forheads who are buried in the earth by their evil grandmother and turned into aspen trees. The trees are cut down and made into beds, but the grandmother does not sleep well because she is on thorns. She burns the beds in a fire, two sparks come up, turn into golden fishes, and swim away. A fisherman puts dew on them, places them in the sun. After an afternoon they resume their human shape. In the The Story of Burnt Njals she is the daughter of Mord. § Greco-Roman form. [Worlds List] (45, 58, 64, 76, 73, 71, 77, 80, 96, 101, 108, 110, 115, 133, 136, 152, 162, 185)

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