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Fortune Telling
Prepare fortunes by writing messages with a pen dipped in lemon juice onto white paper. Put into a large glass jar or other filing system. Set up a person as the fortune teller at a table with candles. Glass jars with colored water or incense may be added around the table to enhance luck. Ask leading questions and then draw out the fortune. Hold up close to the candle flame. The fortune should turn black. Traditional fortune: names are written on papers and laid upon the chimney-piece. Fate guides the hand of a blindfolded man to the slip which bears his sweetheart’s name

Bobbing for Apples
Fill a large tub slowly with water from a garden hose. Place enough apples with stems into the tub so that they are floating on top. Have each person place their hands behind their back and dip into the water to catch an apple with the teeth. If the tub is small have one person dunk at a time and put a time limit on it. The first person who catches an apple wins a prize. For a variation continue to award prizes to people who successfully catch an apple.

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