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Apple Peel Fortune Game
Take an apple and peel it into one long string. Throw the string over the shoulder. The initials it forms will be the name of your true love. A Hallowe’en mirror is made by the rays of the moon shining into a looking-glass. If a girl goes secretly into a room at midnight between October and November, sits down at the mirror, and cuts an apple into nine slices, holding each on the point of a knife before she eats it, she may see in the moonlit glass the image of her lover looking over her left shoulder, and asking for the last piece of apple.

Hot Potato
Have people sit in a circle with one potato. Have one person designated as the music coordinator. Music is played and each person passes the potato on to the next person. When the music stops, the person holding the potato must step out. Continue playing until one person is left. A prize may be awarded.

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