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Dragún, Draic, Drac (Dragons)

Yr ddraig goch: Red Dragon of Cadwallader An dhryk ruth is the emblem of Wales and is the Great Red Serpent that represents the Welsh god Dewi. The dragon emerges from the White Bull’s cauldron on May Day and flies to the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. Also lives in Caer Emrys: Palace of the Nine in Fortingall, Scotland with the White Dragon.

White Dragon is Brân who rises skywards from the White Bull’s Cauldron on May Day and flies to Yr Wyddfa: Mount Snowdon, Wales Tafod y Ddraig: The Dragon’s Tongue. (6, 245)

Golden Dragon is Arthur Courts: Caer Llion ar Wysg: Castle Waves of Water [Yule]; Celliwig [Candlemass], Edinburgh [Midsummer]. Caer Llion has a labyrinth, hall made of doors with sculptured dragons, torches in golden cressets, golden oil lamps, gold and silver dishes, towers, and is built from the harp music of the ancients.

Black Dragon is Ragnell The Black Dragon of the Drac River in Provence abducted a lavender seller. Plant Dôn: Children of Darkness’ undersea grottos in Beaucaire, Draguignan, and Grenoble. The Beaucaire Drac festival is around Midsummer: June 20-22. In Brittany each May Day the dragon screams. The French Island of Lérins named after the Celtic God Lenny is the Island of the Serpents and contains invisible serpents (6)

Y Ddraig Werdd: Green Dragon of Erin is Danu who emerges from the White Bull’s cauldron on May Day and flies to Alderley Edge, Cheshire. In a story on the origin of Samhain Eve the dragon is symbolic of the Cailleach: Hag who holds the power of winter over spring. 3 Dragons can also be raised from the Dragon Hill beneath Blacko Tower, Nr Pendle Hill, N.W. England

Are found all over the world: Egypt, Babylon to the East. They range from 20 to 210 feet and can have wings, legs, both or neither. They can have multiple heads and their blood is poison. Winged serpents are beautiful, and when coiled appear covered with jewels, with crests sparkling with the colors of the rainbow. Dragons are able to come back together if hacked in pieces unless the vanquisher knows special magic.

The Celtic dragon varies greatly in the shape of its ears, but it always has bat-wings; barbed tongue and tail, scales, breathes fire [Fionn filled the dragon who breathed deadly ice the bruane: golden seeds of flame of the sunset at the Pillar of the Roof of the World to free Llyr: The Sea], eats young women, guards buried treasure, and haunts pools, wells, and caves. It is sometimes a wingless worm like the Scandinavian dragons with poisonous breath, or a water serpent. The dragon represents sovereignty. Pendragon is a Celtic word meaning chief.

In Asia dragons do not breath fire. They are celestial guardians (five claws), treasure keepers with a magical pearl, weather makers, or river guardians (three and four claws). They are benevolent, have their own system of government, are wise, and symbolize royalty. Weather dragons are blue and govern wind, clouds, and rain. Other colors are: Red, Black, Azure, Yellow. In Laos, canoes open a path through the water of the Mekong so that mythical serpents can come forth and bring rain to the rice fields. Dragon Boat Festival: June 18th Commemorates the China’s loss of statesman Ch’u Yüan in the river with dragon-boat races. Each ship has a dragon’s head at its prow and may seat as many as 50 rowers in a double line. A drummer sits in each one. Places: Wales: Vale of Neath, Berwyn Mountains, Cadair Idris, Dyfed, Radnor Forest, the Brecon Beacons, Penllyne Castle, Worm’s Head, South Glamorgan, Llancarfan. (6, 35, 42, 52, 58, 63, 71, 72, 73, 75, 89, 93, 102, 189, 141, 223, 245)

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