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Amhárpall, Aerlin, Un-Eairkagh (Licorn: Unicorns)

The Breton unicorn is a shining white horse with a single spiraling ivory horn that has magical powers of detecting poison and purifying water. The horn changes color or produces drops of moisture in the presence of toxin. Unicorn horns were hunted, inlaid with gold spirals, and used as drinking vessels in the Middle Ages. A seven foot long one was kept at the Abbey of Saint-Denis. Unicorns cleanse lakes and rivers for the benefit of other animals, are fleet, and can not be taken alive by men or killed except in the presence of a young woman. The first unicorn seen in Europe was by Julius Caesar and was documented in his campaign among the Celts called The Gallic War. They lived in the Hercynian forest, modern Harz Mountains, near the Rhine. The biggest mountain there is the Brocken which is the cult of the moon goddess whose symbol is a unicorn.

In China the k’i-lin (unicorn) is revered, with a twelve foot long horn, multicolored body, and wisdom. It was seen for the first time in 2697 B.C to announce the birth of Confucius. The Breton unicorns were fiercely hunted and are extinct. (36, 107)

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