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Sea Monsters 3

Loch Ness Monster (Black Lake Monster, The Beastie) Nessie, Nessa, Ni Essa (Ungentle One) Assa (Gentle One) Tyamore, Coinchenn Cennîata (Doghead) Sébile, Sybil, Sib, Siobaigh (Almond) Vrouwvreke (Snake Woman) Igraine ní Glaucus, Igerna, Ygerna, Ygernêe, Arnive (Lady of Glaucus)

(pron. LAHK NEHS, NESS, NESSA, shuh-BEH) Loch Ness is third deepest body of fresh water in Europe at 900 feet and contains peat that makes the water blackish. The Loch Ness Monster is a Scottish long-necked sea serpent who was converted to Christianity by Saint Columba. She is believed to be 30 to 50 feet long with a flat, small reptile head, slit eyes, thick elephant-like skin, long tail, two tiny horns, and a hump at the base of her neck. She has acute hearing, is fast-moving, and is said to be bashful. Some people have claimed to have seen her on land undulating across the road and these people say she has a round tail and flippers. Envoys from Cambridge, Oxford, and the Smithsonian over the years have tried to capture the monster by sonar, but none have been lucky. Raising the monster up from the lake with dynamite was suggested, but was un-popular and legally shot down. One man monster-watched for six years and another tried a hoax with hippo footprints, but was discovered. A non-profit organization called the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau handles monster sightings and information. It is against the law to shoot or harm the monster. In her goddess form she is Ness one of the Nine Ladies of the Lake in Arthurian legend. (16, 22, 32)

 Originally her name was Assa, Princess of Ulster, daughter of Benn Glaucus, the Blue Man. The Druid Cathbad murdered her tutors, raped her while she was bathing by a stream, and abducted her for a sex slave. She ate two magical worms and gave birth to King Conchobar. Lest anyone think a druid was his father he came from the womb clutching a worm in each hand to show his marvelous conception. She is a mermaid with green hair and a golden comb. She lives on an island with a thick, dark, forest and has a golden wand that will refill bottles and caskets with bread and wine. It was prophesied that she would die if her only daughter, Felicia left her. Art Mac Conn came for her daughter, slew seven hags who lived in the wood and buried them in molten lead. Her servants are the Kabauter (Kobolds). Sibillia’s cave is Witch Mountain in Italy. Morgana lives there in a golden bed. Sybil commands the plucking of the Golden Bough which identifies her as Queen of the Underworld. Her priestesses are ten sybils: prophetesses or völvas: snake women from Cumea. The Cumae of Italy founded Parthenope: Shape of a Woman in 551 BC and built Castrum Ovi: Castle of the Egg. The Egg is half bronze with a sun symbol and half blue with a moon symbol and is suspended in a silver cage at Megaris, Naples. Inbhir Nis / Inverness: The Mouth of the River of the Ungentle One. Assa: Asse, Harz Mountains, Braunschweig. In Arthurian legend Merlin: Sea Fortress is her consort. (47)

Nine Ladies of the Lake: Argante, Dindraine, Eluned, Enid, Guinevere, Kundry, Morgana & Raghnell

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