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Faery Places

Tech Duinn (Donn’s House)

Ferdorcha, Fer Doirich, Fir Doirich (Dark Men), Dhuinne (Black King’s Three Sons) Deoradhain, Doran, Dorath (Dark Womb) [Dungasses (Three Brown) Donn Mac Duibhne (Brown Son of Black) Feardonn (Brown Man of the Muirs) Donnchadh, Duncan, Dunard, Dunaut Bwr (Brown) Donnotaurus (Brown Bull) Donn Bó (Brown Cow) // Dolan, Dolyn, Dolb, Doelguss (Dark-Haired) Dualtach (Dark) Temnén, Teimhnín, Tynen (Dark) Domhnall, Downal, Donald (World Valor) // Dúbhthach Doéltenga (Black-Limbed Backbiter) Duffy (Beetle) Dubhglas, Douglas, Daoglas, Dugall (Black) Vindotonus, Vindonnus (Clear Light) Dooinney-Oie (Night Man) Glasan (Green One) Dubhán, Duane, Duwain, Dwayne, Dowen (Black One) Dubcenn (Black Head) Duígeann (Black Hair) Dubhdara (Black Man of the Oak) Ó Dúbhthaigh (Descendant of the Black) Dewi (Belonging) Teilo, Teliau, Télo, Theliau (Spreading Manure)] Dedad Mac Midir, Daff, Taff, Taffy (Father Son of Wren) Dillo, Dillon, Dillus, Dylan eil Ton (Flood of the Wave) Eliud, Issell (Humble) Cairell, Cairill, Caireall (Rowan: Red Alder Berry) Carroll, Cerball, Cearbhall, Cearúl (Love Song)
(far-DOR-cha, FAR DARK. Dhuinne is pronounced GOO-yeh. Donn is pronounced dun, Dubh is pronounced DOOV, dun or DOWN muhk DOOV, DUN-uh-khuh, DUG-luhs, DOOGAL, DUN BOO, DAW-luhn, DAW-nuhl, DOH-nal, DOOL-LIHN, DOO-fach, EV-neen, TAY-neen, DOO-luhs, DOO-gal, doov-DAW-ra, OH DOUGH-EE, doo-AWN, dwuh-AYN, DEE-gan, DAY-vee, TAY-lo, KOR-al, KARL, KAHR-e-val, Cearbhal=KARE-ah-vall, KEE-a-ruhl)

In the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi Dylan eil Tonn: Flood of the Wave born after Math: Bear’s magican’s rod passes over Arianrhod. Dewi is the Red Dragon of Cadwallader: Grain Leader who emerges from White Bull’s cauldron on May Day flying to the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland and also to Caer Emrys: Castle of the Nine at Fortingall, Scotland with the White Dragon. Dewi’s Sea is called Davy Jones Locker (Locher).

O Father David, Christ our Cod blessed thee. The living waters of godly discipline encompassed thee / and the saving waters of faith flowed through thy teaching/ O Hierarch and Waterman David./ Symbolising the baptism of Wales in thy life,/ thou art worthy of all praise,/ wherefore we keep festival in thy honour,/ glorifying thy eternal memory – Kontakion of St David tone 6

Cadwaladr owned a goat, named Jenny, who ran into in the hills one day as if the very diawi possessed her. He knocked her over a precipice with a stone. At the foot of the rock the goat licked his hand and when the moon rose the goat transformed to a beautiful young woman: ‘Ah, Cadwaladr,’ said she, ‘have I at last found you?’...When the goat - yn awr maiden - arose, and putting her black slipper on the end of a moonbeam, held out her hand to him, he put his hand in hers and went with her. They were soon on the top of the highest mountain in Wales, and surrounded by a vapoury company of goats with shadowy horns. One, which seemed to be the king, had a voice that sounded above the din. This one rushed at Cadwaladr and butting him in the stomach sent him toppling over a crag as he had sent his poor nannygoat. (96)

An island off the south-west of Ireland. The dead come there before their journey to the immortal world. It is ruled by Donn, Irish ninefold God of the Dead, who is known for his sweet speech and white teeth. He has nut brown hair with sun gold highlights, apple-blossom red cheeks, sky blue eyes, a star on his breast identifying him as a king’s son and great beauty who wears a green cloak, green shirt with a white hood and red insertion. His decapitated head sang a song. Cnoc Dhoinn Firinne: Mountain of the Dark One of Truth, Knockfierna, Co Limerick is his home. Poul-duve, Black Hole is the entrance to the fairy castle within the mountain. He is associated with shipwrecks and sea storms. His aerial assistants collect the clouds, and hold them to warn people of the approaching rain. If vapor or mist is there, rain will follow. He manifests himself as a misty outline of a human shape, voice on the wind, or horn to warm farmers and fishermen of storms. He takes the form of a wren. He is associated with Arawn [White Aspect]

  In ninefold form there are the 3 Dungasses: Brown Manx Giants, 3 Doelgusses: Dark Ones: Hermit of the Oak Wood & the 3 Dubhglasses with black hair, blue eyes, white skin, apple-blossom red cheeks, red or green cloak riding on stags. Symbol is a silver fish. Father of Díarmuid Ua Duibhne, Lí: Bright. Donald’s daughters are Mhorag: Sea One & Dornolla: Big Fist.

Legend says Dun was an Anglo-Saxon soldier who was a survivor of the Battle of Hastings. He and his men became outlaws in the forest of Dunstable: Dun’s Cave and hanged their victims in the trees. A 150 peasants armed with pitchforks, scythes and rakes, set out to capture Dun. Dun cut down his adversaries and was pulled from his horse.
 The enemy grew to 300 and chased him to the Ouse river. Here he stripped naked and plunged into the water with his sword between his teeth. His enemy captured him and he was hanged in Bedford without trial. He could only be killed by ritual dismemberment. His hands, arms, feet, and legs were cut off. His head was cut from his shoulders and burnt. The various parts of his body were distributed throughout the county.

In La Princess Blondine The King of Dumnonia-Domnonée lives in the Dolorous Tower in the Impenetrable Forest and is Guardian of the Holy Grail. He rescued Guinevere: The White Goddess from his brother Méliau with his brother Yvon. He is the consort of the goddess Ysaive who owns the mantle of Britain. His feast day is May 16th. Turquine is his brother. For 12 years, he kept a bronze bowl hanging from a lone tree by the river crossing and passing knights would use it as a bell to summon him into combat with them. He imprisoned Ector who was rescued by Lancelot. Holy well at Calhame. Feast Day February 5th.

 The Lion of Dubh carried Fionn: White One over the Crystal Mountains in search of the Wizard of the White Pine’s kingdoms, Lover of the goddess Aoibhell, Dubhglas, prophesied that he would die unless he allowed her to wrap his body in a cloak of invisibility. When he lay dying at the Inbhear Dubhghlaise his daughter Mhorag: Sea One kissed him. As she did a spark of fire flew from his mouth to her mouth and she became pregnant. Her son was Dubhglas.

 Teilo became an abbot of Iona in the seventh century. After his death there was an argument between the churches of Llandeilo Llwydarth [his well-water cures illness if drank from Penglog Teilo: his skull], Llandaf [November 25th], and Pennally [November 29th Teilo Gospels] on where to put his remains. His body then magically split into three pieces so noone would be left out. His symbol is Leek and it is worn in the hat on March 1st, his Feast-Day. Place-Names: Taff River [one of the 7 wonders of Glamorgan], Baile Dhubhthaic, Dawlish, Dowles, Divelish. Mermaids dance at his rivers. He is confused with the oldest son of Mílesius: Honey One. (24, 58, 64, 71,73, 74, 75, 80, 89, 97, 101, 140, 147, 171, 241, 256) [Worlds List] (133)

 In Greek legends he is the son of the King of Phoenicia who sows the teeth of the cosmic snake Ophion that turn into men. His sister is Europa. St. Caddoc was carried on a cloud to Italy. Llancarfan: Church of the Stags named after him. Cattwg has three cells and a thousand saints, together with two cells in the Vale of Neath. He gave the goddess Cred a stone which contained his life at Guaire’s feast. She dropped the stone and it shattered. Cano died three days later. Cadbury Hillfort, Somerset excavations uncovered a sub-Roman (5th/6th century) gateway and feasting hall. Brother Gluvias’ Feast days: Sept 25th, Nov 1st, Jan 31st.

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