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[Tinne: Holly Ogham]Tír na tSamhraidh (Land of Summer) Gwlad yr Haf (Summerlands, Intermediacy Water Opening Summer) Ny h-Ellanyn Souree (The Summer Isles) Rhwng Gwy ag Hafren (Intermediacy Water Opening Summer)

Hafgan, Ganghen Hâf (Summer Song) Gromer Somentoure (Lord of Summer’s Day) Bercelek, Bertilak de Hautdesert (Green Knight) Coillcumhann, Colquhoun, Calhoun (Narrow Woods, The Green Man, Jack in the Green) Kueli, Keli, Celyddon-Caledon (Sea Holly) Callan, Callaghan (Green George) Cellgen, Ceallachán, Cellach Ua Art, Ceallach, Cillian (Old Man of the Woods) Fairchellach, Faircheallach (3 Men of the Wood: Santach Mac Uar: Want Son of Waterfall [Espaid/Hafgan], Damaiste Mac Uar: Damage Son of Waterfall [Digbai] & Drochchroi Mac Uar: Ill-Omen Son of Waterfall [Aincel]) Tinne Cuileann Mac Conrach Cass (Holly Fire) Celyn (Holly King) Dícuill (Deity of Holly) Fflergant, Panon (Peat Moss) Sandde Bryd Angel, Sandaff Pryd Angel (Want) Sál Fhada ap Pabo Post Prydain (Sea Flame Divine Son of Britain’s Pillar) Sawyl Ben Uchel, Sawyl Penuchel (Many High Head) Samuvellus (Summer) Leslie (Holly Court)
(pron. HAHV-gan, CHIN-yuh, KUL-LIHN, KEHL-LIHN)

On roofs, pillars & doorways of european cathedrals, churches ... in one of his manifestations through Robin Hood and the Morris Dances of Old England to be chiselled in wood and stone even to this day by men and women who no longer know his story but sense that something old and strong and tremendously important lies behind his leafy mask. .. death and rebirth and the Green that is all life – The Mystery of the Green Man

Places: Exeter Cathedral, Irard Cuillenn, Saxilby, Coed Celyddon: Caledonian Forest, St Giles Cathedral at Edinburgh, Southwell Minster [Sherwood Forest], Nottingham [Barnsdale Forest], St Boniface, Bunbury [also has a Green Lion spewing branches from its mouth]

As Robin Hood he is called King of the Woods & brings luck to crops and herds. His cousin is Will Scarlet. They are expert archers. The ground was paced out and the targets–white peeled hazel wands hung with garlands of wild roses—were set up while the king looked on.

Sál is Son of the King of Greece who was exiled to Ireland by the King of Munster, his uncle, who wanted Greece for himself. He joined the Fianna: White Ones, was wounded and restored to life with a magic cup. He was later drowned in a bog chasing Saint Cadog: Soul Carrier. One of the Three Arrogant Men of the Isle of Britain with: Pasgen ap Urien and Rhun ap Einiawn: The Lavish One Son of Life. His burial mound is Banc Benuchel in Llangadog. (58, 71, 75, 169)

(pron. TEER nah SOW-EHN) One of the Kingdoms of the Underworld ruled by the Fire. Balanced Strength & Power, Unification, Fatherhood, Rebirth & Barley god Havgan: Summer Song: The Holly King who fights the god Arawn: Slow Sun of Annwyn every year for the hand of Cordelia, The May Queen

‘In Celtic mythology, there is a dark Holly King, disguised as a wren, and his twin, the light Oak King, disguised as a robin. At the summer solstice the Holly King kills his twin and begins a half-year reign. At the winter solstice, the robin slays the wren and he reigns for the next six months. There is an eternal duel of light and darkness.’ –Riverdeep Interactive Learning LTD Winter Light

His maypole. The portal to Gwlad yr Haf: Intermediacy Water Opening Summer is Aber Hafren: Summer Place located at the mouth of the Severn River between Llyn Lliwan & Aber Gwy: Mouth of the Wye. He rules the kingdom of Ceredignon & the Isle of Man. As a Fomorii god he is depicted with large eyes, left handed, lame thighed & stocky; who lives in Triscadel: The Triple Place and is one of the chief men of the Fomorian Council who went to discuss what should be done about Lugh and the Fomorian tax collectors he killed. The others were: Eab Ua Net, Senchab Ua Net, Sotal Salmor, Luath Leborcham, Loisginn Lomgluineach, Luath Lineach, Lobais, Liathlabar Mac Lobais, and the twelve white-mouthed sons of Balor, one of whom is Bress: Moon.

Known as the Green Knight in Arthurian Tales, He is a young and handsome man with green skin, beard and hair who is dressed from head to foot in a suit of green armour & green plumed helmet. He feeds the goldfish in the clear water of his castle fountain. His kingdom has a dense forest with many pigs. His castle has a beautiful garden, fountains with marble basins, and peacocks walking on smooth lawns. He dresses in a suit of leaves and his beard is leaves. He rides a unicorn and he is seen with mermaids on heraldic tapestries. He remained untouched in the battle of Camlan because of his beauty. He has a Green Chapel and his Queen is the Green Lady of Caerphilly. who has green hair, a crown of ivy that reaches to her feet, bread and wine that are always replenished and a rose-crystal ball in a green leather pouch with the power of invisibilility.

In Sir Gawain & the Green Knight: He came on a green horse to the court of Arthur clutching an axe and a bough of holly and challenged him to cut off his head. Sir Gawain did so and he put his head back on. He then told Gawain to go to his Green Chapel in a year to receive his blow. Gawain went north fighting winter winds and snow to the Wirral Forest in Cheshire a wilderness infested with wolves, bears, trolls, ogres and dragons. He found his castle on Christmas Eve. They agreed to exchange gifts. Gawain accepted a three kisses from his hostess and her green girdle that protects and gave three kisses and the girdle to the Knight. The Knight decided not to chop off his head.

The Green Knight sent his portrait to Princess Medb: Intoxicating One in a jeweled casket and they discovered they had seen one another in dreams. The Green Knight visited Medb every day [beautiful silk dress, silk stockings and pretty red shoes] rowing over to the island where her castle was, and spent many hours wandering with her through the beautiful gardens where they knew the queen could not see them. One day a servant saw him and told the Queen. The Queen took a poisoned nail and stuck it in the handle of the oar. The Green Knight was scratched and fell ill. The melancholy princess was visited by a bird

‘Tu-whit, tu-whit ! your lover is sick!’ it sang.‘Alas !’ cried the princess. ‘What can I do ?’‘Tu-whit, tu-whit ! you must go to your father’s palace !’‘And what shall I do there ?’ she asked.‘Tu-whit ! there you will find a snake with nine young ones.’‘Ugh !’ answered the princess with a shiver, for she did not like snakes. But the little bird paid no heed.‘Put them in a basket and go to the Green Knight’s palace,’ said she.‘And what am I to do with them when I get there ?’ she cried, blushing all over, though there was no one to see her but the bird.‘Dress yourself as a kitchen-maid and ask for a place. Tu-whit ! Then you must make soup out of the snakes. Give it three times to the knight and he will be cured. Tu-whit !’

He was cured and her wedding dress shone like the sun. [Worlds List] The British Isles: Ny h-Ellanyn Goaldagh (50, 58, 69, 71, 73, 75, 80, 89, 97 126, 133, 171, 203, 206, 223, 256)

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