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Kings: C

[Beith Ogham]Clûd, Clovis (Light Gleam, Gleam Polyvalency) Cluny, Clugny, Gw-Lwgh, Lugh-Goibniu Samildánach (Light Gleam Equally Skilled In Many Arts) Llwydawc Gouynnyat (Meadow) Louis, Lugaid Riab nDerg (Raven of the Red Stripes) Lugaid mac Con Roí (Raven Divine Son of Red Hound) Mac Trí Con (Son of 3 Hounds) Lugus, Olloudius, Lleu, Llud, Ludd, Llewelyn (Raven, Pure Ore) Luga Lamfada, Lugh LauveFauda, Llew Llaw Gyffes ap Arianrhod (Bright One of Skillful Hand [in hitting wrens]) Llywarch Hên (Ancient Raven) Ildánach (All Craftsman, Master of Every Craft [carpentry, smith, champion, harp, historian, wizard, cupbearer]) Lloyd, Loy (Holy Grey-Haired One) Loukteih (Marsh) Llacheau (Lake) Lòchran, Lóch Mac Mofebius, Lugrot (Half Green Lake) Llwch Llawwynnyawg, Llwch Llenlleawg (Lake from Beyond the Raging Sea) Llional (Flood) Gwyddawg ap Menestyr (Tree Divine Son of Cupbearer) Gwythawc Gwyar (Channel Pure) Dima (Nothing, Everything, Anything, Something) Lorialet (Sea Coast) Pierrot, Pierre de Lune, Sélénite (French: Moonstone) Anghawd (Sexual Strength) Cothran ap Caw (Old One) Amlawdd Wedlig (Multiplying, Sex) Sithchenn, Sithny, Séafra, Seafraid, Seathrun, Siadhal, Síoda, Sheedy, Side, Sítae (Keen Sight, Peace) Sel, Selgi, Seleven, Selinos, Solomanus, Selyf Sarffgadau, Salom, Absalom (Trinity) Nibe, Nide (Impending) Bole (Birch) Etmic, Edmyg (Honor of Nine) Treabhar, Trevor, Trefor ap Trifine (Prudent Son of the Triple White Goddess) §Hercules Ilunnus


Croix: Foi
Coeur: Charite
Ancre: Esperance

Cross: Faith
Heart: Love
Anchor: Hope

Homélie à Cluny - 13 septembre 1998
Célébration du millénaire de l’institution du Jour des morts, 2 novembre, par saint Odilon, abbé de Cluny
« Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine »
..L’offrande du Sacrifice de la Messe, qui répand sur l’humanité la grâce de la Rédemption opérée sur la Croix. Et les fidèles tiennent à juste titre, à ce que l’Eucharistie accompagne la cérémonie des funérailles. N’était-ce pas déjà le vœu de sainte Monique, demandant seulement qu’on se souvienne d’elle, après sa mort, à l’autel du Seigneur ?« L’Esprit et l’Époux disent : Viens - Amen, Viens Seigneur Jésus »

Caitliceach: Nurturing Grain: Catholic
Celebration of the thousand year institution of the Day of the Dead 2 November of Saint Odilon: Black Swan, Abbot of Cluny
...The offering of the Sacrifice of the Mass, which spreads over humanity, the grace of the Redemption operating through the Cross. And the faithful have a just title, the Eucharist accompanies the ceremony of the funerals. Yet not was the wish of Saint Monique requesting only that one remember her, after her death At the altar of the Lord? – « The Spirit & the Spouse Speaks: I Come - Amen, I Come Lord Jesus »

  The Festival of Saint Monique: La fête de Sainte Monique is July 27th at Saint-Maries-de-la-Mer: Saint Marys-of-the-Sea. Veneration is by the monks of Montmajou. mon: mind, vow; ionmhuin: dear. Yns Môn: Isle of Mon a sacred druid site

14 Sons: Araeth: Traveling Sun, Dirmyg: The Healer, Gwgawn: Glance, Giona: Greed, Gwawl: Light, Mordred: Accomplishment, Gwalchaved: Falcon of Summer, Lenny: Veiled One, Peredur, Sétanta: The Path (with Dechtiré: Tenth), Flam: Flame, Garwyli, Eochaid, 1000 daughters, among them Triple Goddess Orddu: Black Gold, Ancgharad: River Womb, Rowan: Red & Nimüe Brothers: Nudd: Yew & Finegas. Sister: Fótla: Earth

Place-names: Lug Tor, Vale of Clewyd, Wales [has dark ivy & jackdaws], Kaer-lud [Lud rebuilt the walls of Trinovantum & surrounded the city with a tower for which reason it was called Kaer-lud. Anglicized into Lud- ton, & softened into London], Lugnaquilla [Highest granite mountain in the Wicklow Hills, Ireland], Lyon [Lugudunum: Raven on the Hill], Lutetia [Now known as Paris-Par-Ys], Laon, Leyden, Loch-De: The Diety’s Lake [Cantal, France], Luguvallum-Carlisle, Legnica-Liegnitz, Cluny Abbey [Bourbotomagnus: Bourgogne, France NW of Lyon], Cluny Museum: Le musée de Cluny [Paris-Lutetia. Cluny lace. The Cluny Unicorn tapestries: La dame à la licorne depicts 6 senses. The 6th tapestry Mon Seul Desir: My Only Desire is mon: mind]

(pron. KLOOD, KLOO-nee, LOO-GWIHV-NOO, LOO-EE/lwee, hlooth, loo-WELL-lihn, looga lavada, LH OO-eed, LAWK, lawk-ran, LION-awl, COATH, SHEE-ah-kahn, SHEE-nee, SHEE-a-fra, SHE-fra, shee-da, SHEE-ul, SHEE-dee, SEL-ween, ze-LEV-en, treh-VUHR, trev-OHR) Son of the goddess Arianrhod: Silver Moon (4th Branch of the Mabinogi: Intoxicated Tales of Youth: born Llew Llaw Gyffes after Math: Bear’s magican’s rod passes over her), Goddess Heli: Sun (Cath Godeau: Grain of the Trees: Gwydion-Lleu-Amatheon), God Beli: Sacred Oak Tree from the Heavens (1st Branch of the Mabinogi: Intoxicated Tales of Youth: Lludd: King of Britain & brother Llefelys-Lleuelys: (hlev-ELL-is) King of France), Goddess Clothra: Light (Leabhar na Núachongbála: Book of the New Foundation: Lugaid Riab na Derg) & Goddess Eithne: Seed (Leabhar na hUidhri: Book of the Dun Cow: Lugh from Cian: Clear Water). God of the summer sun & lleuad: luminescent moon. Diety of the Lugi: Raven People of Gaule. He visits the Castle of Arianrhod in a coracle of weed and sedge: harvest basket as a newborn child. He becomes a boy who grows at twice the normal rate; when he is 4 he is as big as an 8-year-old. Gwydion takes him to see his mother. Young, strong, with radiant golden hair, shown accompanied by ravens, with the goddess Nematona: Sacred Grove and sometimes with 1 eye. He is a poet god for the Fomorian Court of Indech. He is half-green from the ground to the crown of his head. Created fidchell: Black Raven game.  In the Cath Godeu: Harvest of the Trees he turned into an eagle & a white stag. As a young man Lugh travels to Tara to join the court of king Nuada: Solar Yew of the Tuatha Dé Danann: Rain People. The doorkeeper will not let him in unless he has a skill with which to serve the king. He offers his services as a wright, smith, champion, swordsman, harpist, hero, poet-historian, sorcerer, & craftsman, but each time is rejected as the Tuatha Dé Danann already have someone with that skill. When Lugh asks if they have anyone with all those skills simultaneously, the doorkeeper has to admit defeat, & Lugh joins the court as Chief Ollam of Ireland. He wins a flagstone-throwing contest against Ogma, the champion & entertains the court with his harp. He chants the Decree of Fastening to Túatha as an assurance that they will go under the mounds at the Cath Maigh Tuireadh: Grain Harvest Plain of Frost. He carries a triton symbolising his power over the sea & is the personification of the River Severn [the 3 headed dog that guards Hades is Severus] & Dean Forest. The son of Torc: Wild Boar he and his brothers Grugyn Gwrych Ereint: Silver Bristle, Banw: Young Boar, Twrch ILawin, Gwys: Sow, Benwic: Sow & Aman: Boar are 7 swine that are killed and regenerate every day. Their meat cures all disease.
The goddess Dechtiré: Tenth turned into a bird and flew away from her wedding to Sualtaim: Long Haired Man to live with Lugh: Raven in his underworld palace. At night near the Fairy Mound of Angus on the River Boyne: Milk, Sualtaim came to a lovely mansion by the river finding Lugh, Dechtiré, and 50 handmaidens who had been missing. Dechtiré swallowed a fly in her wine and Lugh impregnated her with his soul. Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound became their son.
 He is called Duach: The Dark and is king of the plain of the Land of the Living. 1 of the 13 treasures of the Isle of Britain is his halter: Cebystr Clydno Eiddin. Whatever horse is wished for will appear in the halter. His sword is called Fragarach: The Answerer & can cut through any mail. The Virgin goddess of Spring made of the 9 flowerbuds Bláithnet: Flower Blossom is his bride.
 He is Clovis, the Sovereign of France, with 3 toads as an emblem & wife Clotilda: Light. La Fête du Louis: Gleam Festival is the last Sunday in July at Saint-Maries-de-la-Mer / Santa Maria del Mar at the mouth of the Rhône: Red Alder Tree River in Provence. Men dress up as Chevalliers du Soleil: Knights of the Sun & parade through the streets. At La Fête du Cheval: Horse Festival, a white horse called a Mari Llwyd: Sea Gleam (pron. MEHR-EE LOO) leads the procession to the sea, followed by women dressed in white with tartans & lace up black shoes called ghillies (pron GILL-ees: like a fish).
 His Early Harvest festival honoring Tailte: Earth is Lúnasa-Lughnasad (pron. Loo-NAH-sa): Gleam Night or Lammas: Bread Loaf on August 1st. Also called: Lunasdál, Laa Luanys / Luanisty: Gleam Day, Eured Lugus, Noziou Heven: Summer Night, Brec’Hed, Kenteven: Clear Water & Calan Awst. In Scotland the 2 weeks before Lughnasa & the 3 weeks after is called Luchar. The festival is sacred water; people bathe. Fraochán: Blueberries are picked. On August 1 husks of a sheaf of new grain are burnt off with fire, winnowed into a fan, ground, kneaded on sheepskin & made into bonnach lunastain: Lugh’s cake with rowan fire, a fire kindled with red alder trees. The rising of the dough symbolizes the cycle of life – for as the God will soon weaken & go to the Underworld, He will rise again. The bannock: cake is carried 3 times sunwise around the home & broken in a field or garden. Each person takes a piece & throws it over their shoulder uttering what negative thing they want taken from their life.
 Standing stones are decorated with grain & harvest fruits. Wells are dressed. The Barley Corn Mother doll dressed in red symbolizes the harvest. In some places, a woman or an effigy is crowned with summer flowers & seated on a throne, with garlands at her feet. Dancers whirl around her & touch the garlands or take a ribbon for good luck. A Catherine wheel is set aflame & rolled down the hill. In Ireland trial marriages lasting a year & a day are called Tailltean marriages. At next Lammas, the couple decide to continue the arrangement, or to stand back to back & walk away from one another bringing the marriage to a close. Cluny Brae: Nether Cluny Circle: Moray, Scotland brews his sacred whisky: water of life.
  L’Académie des beaux-arts annual show of artwork, Le Salon de Paris begins on the Feast-day of Saint Louis, August 25th at the Palace of the Louvre-Tuilleries Palace.
Pierrot: Moon Stone, a lunar diety born from the goddess Selene: Triple One, is a Lorialet fallen to earth who dreams of traveling to his Lugh na Tighe / lunatic: moon house in a gondola of rushes covered with lichen. He plans on ascending to the sky on lunar rays, but the sun dries out the silken sails too soon. He knows the past & the future. He dines on clover infusions, golden hops and autumn herring. He is followed by glow-worms, fireflies, hedgehogs & mushrooms. Ballets represent Him as a poet with a round, pale face, white domino costume with pompons, black skull-cap, starched ruff, & mandolin in love with Columbine: Holy Dove. Grianan Aileach: Sun House [Lugh’s Tomb in the Inishowen Peninsula between Lough Swilly & Lough Foyle, County Donegal, Ireland], Rodrubân [Lugh’s Fairy Mound], Parth Llud / Parthlud: Raven Shape [His body is buried by the gate Ludes-gate or Ludgate], Breacán Clun [Cluny Tartan: Clann MacPherson clan (pron mowk-ah-fair-son)] §Roman Form. (24, 55, 57, 58, 63, 73, 75, 80, 88, 126, 153, 161, 197, 205, 215, 216, 233, 247)
 King Selevan of Powrys & Dumnonia [Carhaix, Kergloff & Camlez] disguised himself as a smith and tested kings for sovereignty. He is a fisherman who eats a fish every day. He caught 2 chad (bream) on the same hook, threw them both back, and found they returned to his hook 3 times. His sister St. Breaca: Trout allowed her two sons to eat the fish and they choked on the bones. The fish are called chuck-cheels or Choke-childs. Fish are a metaphor for sex & creation. Father of Goleuddydd: Bright Day & Igraine: The Loch Ness Monster. His sun diety brothers are: Fergus Lethderg, Galahad, & Wella. Feast day August 4th. Abbot of Caer-Gybi. Porth Selevan has a well, chapel, sacred boulder and hermitage on the clifftop. Selini worshippers of the god with an oversized phallus, who mentored Dionysos. As Sithchenn the Smith he received the 5 stepchildren of Mongfhionn: The Snow Goddess. She tried to burn them alive in his house with the flames of death. Brion: Strong Flame, the oldest, left with a chariot, Fiachra: Raven Knowledge took a vat of wine, Aillil left with weapons, Fergus: Vigor carried kindling containing a stick of yew and Nial: Cloud, the youngest, with the Smith’s anvil, tongs, bellows, and hammer. Sithchenn prophesied Nial would be sovereign. Robert Graves reminds people that Hercules is an Oak god. (58, 71, 73, 75, 77, 80, 120, 171, 255)

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