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Faery Places

Magh Muir, Magh Murhemne, Mag I Murthemne, Muirteimne, Moy Myeerhevna (Country Over the Waves) Magh Réin (Great Plain of the Sea) Rian Deargrian (Sea of the Scarlet Sun) Enez-Sun, Seidhul (Seithennin’s Country) Ile de Sein (Isle of Seithennin: The Path)

Yellow golden steeds are on the sward there,
Other steeds with crimson hue,
Others with wool upon their backs
Of the hue of heaven all-blue.

At sunrise there will come
A fair man illumining level lands;
He rides upon the fair sea-washed plain,
He stirs the ocean till it is blood.

A host will come across the clear sea,
To the land they show their rowing;
Then they row to the conspicuous stone,
From which arise a hundred strains.

It sings a strain unto the host
Through long ages, it is not sad,
lts music swells with choruses of hundreds-
They look for neither decay nor death

Cú Chúlainn Mac Lugh, Cuichulainn Mac Sualdaim, Cocholyn (Hound of Hazel) Seithennin, Seithyn, Seidhun, Sétanta (the Path)
(pron. kuh-kull-lin or coo-hool-in, SHAY-dan-da) God of the Setantii tribe placed by Ptolemy on the coast of what is now Lancashire. Giant of the Red Branch of Ulster: Red Branch of Emania: The Moon Land & gein Loga: son of the god Lugh & the goddess Dechtiré: Tenth. Born Sétanta, he acquired the name Cú Chúlainn after he killed Chúlainn’s hound in self defense and offered to guard his house until a new dog was trained. Master Taliesin was this time incarnate. His name was Setanta

(pron. MOY mwir, Moy-mwir-hev-na, Maw Moortemmy, môy moor'hev ni, EEL duh SEN) Described as a submarine kingdom with golden chariots rising with the tide to the sun. Portals are: Ile de Sein, called in Breton Enez-Sun, where Sun is a shortening of Seidhul and Setantil Harbor near the mouth of the river Ribble in Wales. The Sun God Sétanta: The Path guards the Plain from the Boyne: Milk River to the Cualgne Mts near Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland. He goes there on Samhain: Halloween to catch birds. Ceadda: King of Herrings met the Giant of the Great Seas, who disappears into the mist at sunset. The giant would not let him pass, but relented after one battle and directed him to the island. Sétanta appears to Émer (pronounced Evver) in crimson tunic, russet-colored kilt, gold brooch, and white embroidered shirt. He is beautiful with ruddy cheeks, long, ringleted, shoulder-length hair in three colors: brown in the middle, crimson on the outside, and gold on the inside, pearly white teeth, black eyebrows, four moles on each cheek: yellow, green, blue, red, seven pupils: four in one eye and three in the other, seven fingers on each hand and seven toes on each foot. In battle he has ríastradh: seizure where his left eye bulges, the heat of his body melts snow and ice for yards around, and sizzles water and turns it to steam as he bathes. This identifies him as a Sun King

In the Táin he appears with 9 severed heads, striped gold silk kilt, brown leather apron, embroidered vest, Ochain: Bright Rim: dark crimson & gold shield with white silver rim and bronze embossed animal-shapes, spear, Cruaiden cadatchenn: sword, and a battle helmet studded with crystal, precious gems, and rubies from the East. He battles Nathcraintail: Snake who is outfitted with 3 x 9 spits of holly and cuts off his head 3 times. Finnbennach: White Bull of the Fire Plain’s last words to Cathbad the Druid: Grain Cauldron are that Cuchulainn: Hazel Hound should be made King; and it is his destiny to marry the land in The Sacred Marriage: Heiros Gamos and to awaken the sleeping Dragons for the the coming of The Sangreal. Sétanta and his followers name the hill Bull’s Well and settle there. Finnbennach is reincarnated the next year, returning on May Day’s Feast of Bealtainne to be boiled in great bronze cauldron on Penn Hill. The witches Raven, Mara and Mother of the Cauldron raise power in a Magic Circle. Sétanta enters the cauldron, eats the broth, and releases the Red Dragon of Albion to fly North to the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. The White Dragon of Albion climbs skyward, flying south to the mountain range of Snowdonia in Wales. The Green Dragon of Erin flies to England to live in the Cheshire Plains.

After Cú Chúlainn, Fergus: Virility ruled the kingdom. Flidais: Stag-Mistress lives there for part of the year. The King of Ulaidh owed to The Heroic King of Muirthemhne - six round goblets full of ale, ten ships from the Hero of Elga, ten steeds and ten bright cloaks. The Muirthemhne people are called the Cruithne: People of Wheat. (71, 133, 138, 183, 201, 252, 267) [Worlds List]

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