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Kings: Dagda

[Dair: Oak]Áed Álainn, Aodhán (Handsome Fire) Alawn, Alaunus, Alounis, Alone, Alar, Alaric, Laric, Alor, Alour, Alun, Alwyn, Alvin (Harmony) Alisanos, Alisonus, Alisanus (Veiled One) Sucellos (Striker) Dagda, Dagán, Deagh-Dia, Dagain (Good God) §Zeus Arotrios (Ploughman) Eochaid Ollathair, Eochaid O Uathair (All Father) Ailbhis, Alamhif, Elvis (Kind Father) Ruad Rófhessa (Lord of Perfect Knowledge) Usne Mac Rossa, Uisliu, Usnach, Uisneach, Usnagh (Anyone Son of Red) Doche (Inhospitable) Gorla, Gormant ap Ricca (Plenty Divine Son of Youth) Gorman (Dark) Mog Ruith, Mac Kineely, Abac, Adda, Addanc, Adammair, Adhamh (Of the Red Earth) Adamhnán, Adomnán, Awnan, Eunan, Onan (Timid One) Addolgar (Devout) Afang, Affanc, Abacc (Dwarf, Black Serpent of the Mound of Mourning) Adhnuall Mac Tuirenn (Sweet of Sound) Adwr (Coward)

Black Fire: Áedh Dubh (pron. AY DOOV)
Red Fire: Áedh Rúad (pron. AY ROO-ah)
Fire of Health:Áedh Slaine (pron. AY SLONE)
Fire Divine Son of Sky:Áed Mac Cumhaill (pron. AY mok KOOL)
Fire Divine Son of River:Áed Mac Ainninne
Fire Divine Son of Red:Áed Mac Dearg (AY mok YAHRG)
Fire Divine Son of Sea:Áed Mac Lir (pron. AY mack leer)
Fire of the Eye:Áed Abrat
Fire Giant: Áeda (pron. AY-duh)

Black Book of Carmarthen: fo. 9b:
Ar gnyuer pegor
And every dwarf
y ssit y dan mor.
There is beneath the sea,
Ar gnyuer edeinauc
And every winged thing
aoruc kyuoethauc.
The Mighty One hath made,
Ac vei. vei. paup.
And were there to each
tri trychant lauamd
Thrice three hundred tongues-
Nyellynt ve traethaud.
They could not relate
kyuoetheu [y] trindaud
The powers of the Trinity

Brothers: Aillil: River Poem, Anluan: Raven, Cathbad: Grain, En: Bird, Fergus Lethderg: Red Sided, Murchú: Sea Hound (54, 69)

(pron. AY-AH-luhn, EH-dawn, AY-dawn, AH-lahr, ah-LAH-reek, AH-reek, AH-lohr, AWL-vihn, Doh-da, DAG-awn, DAY-en, YO-hee, ATH-UH-LGAR, AL-vis, WISH-na, ATHA, ATH-ANK, ah-u, EI nach, OO-nawn, ATH-UH-LGAR, Ai-noo-al) Sumerian god of grain and agriculture worshipped by the Amorites, Ebla: White Rock [Tell Mardikh], Ugarit [1300 BCE ] & Philistines [Ashdod Temple] appearing in the Mari texts of Syria in 2500 BCE. Dagan head of the Ebla city pantheon called Be-Dingir-Dingir: Lord of the Gods and Bekalam: Lord of the Land. His consort Belatu: Lady. Both were worshipped in a large temple complex called E-Mul: House of the Star. Dagan is called ti-lu ma-tim: dew of the land and Be-ka-na-na: Lord of Canaan. Father of the god Bel/Hadad. In Ugaritic texts he is son of the sky-god Uranus and his brother is El/Cronus. In an Assyrian poem Dagan appears beside Nergal and Misharu as a judge of the dead. A late Babylonian text makes him the underworld prison warder of the seven children of the god Emmesharra. His lands are the Plain of Sharon. He can take the form of a fish or merman and is in H. P. Lovecraft’s 1936 short story Shadow Over Innsmouth. Wikipedia: Dagon

Gaulish god of the divine spirit of the rock, sex and stamina who can take the form of a magpie and created the bridge between life and death. His cauldron of regeneration given by the god Seamus is the Undry. His club can kill nine men and restore them back to life. He was born from an acorn from his father Bel: The first Oak tree from the heavens & Bel’s sister Anu: Water from Heaven. His acorn sister is Brighid. He became a Celtic oak god worshipped in the Rhine, Mannheim, Salzburg, Britain, Commune Valognes, Ireland & Wales. A large grey-haired man wearing a brown low-necked tunic, short hooded cloak, horse-hide boots. His uaithne: harp: Dur da Bla: Oak of the Two Cries, Coir-cethar-chuin: Hand of Fourfold Music can summon the seasons. A Sea-Turtle that can suck down a man in armor lives at his house of ever-laden fruit trees with two pigs, one who is always growing while the other is always roasting. At Halloween he becomes the consort of the Morrígan: Great Queen, dies, and is reborn in Glen Etin: Bull Valley. He assigned hills for various gods and goddesses to live in and chose his son Bodb Dearg: Dangerous Red as ruler. When his son Cermait: Honey Mouth died the Dagda shed tears of blood and the spot was named Dulach Dér: Hill of Tears. The Dagda made the sun stand still for nine months and his son Aengus was conceived, gestated and born in a day from the goddess Boann: White Cow. He is the father of Ffland: Lake with the godess Flidais: Stag Woman. One. Other son: Cathbad. Daughter triple goddess: Fótla: Earth-Eri:Snow-Banba:Fertile Pig The Dagda’s final resting place is said to be a small barrow near the Boyne: Milk River, known as the Tomb of the Dagda, which has never been excavated. His river is Alyn in Wales. of the three primary bards of the Isle of Prydein with Plennydd and Gwron. Breton patron saint of Tréméoc, treb: village/ saint Maeoc, goldsmiths, blacksmiths. He is found in inscriptions on the Cote d’Or.

 In the Mabinogi: Intoxicating Tales of Youth he lives in a cave near Llyon Llion: Lake of the Waves and takes the form of an invisible black serpent. He guards a gravestone at the Mound of Mourning and kills anyone who goes after the stone that bestows gold. He blinded the eye of the Black Oppressor and slew the Sons of the King of the Tortures everyday. The sons went home to their palace and were raised from the dead by a cauldron of warm water and balsam. Peredur: Spearman was given a stone that allowed him to see Addanc and he slew him. The flood waters receded. He was killed again by being hauled from his lair by the oxen of Hu Gadarn. He became a hound for the giant Fionn Mac Cumhaill with his brothers Bran: Raven & Sceolan and was stolen by King Arthur. He died and finally became Addua an abbot of Iona.

 Usna the consort of goddesses Ebhla & Maga His house is Dunuisneachan at Loch Etive near Loch Ness. It is black with ivy growing behind it. No man can be admitted to the Fianna or taken to the Gathering of Usnach, Convention of Tailte, or to Tara’s feast until his paternal and maternal co-relatives, his tuatha: people, and kindred give securities to him; he becomes a prime poet versed in the 12 books of poetic composition; and survives the hazing rituals of being placed in a pit with a hazel stick, attacked by 9 warriors with spears without being hurt and later having his hair braided and chased through the woods without being overtaken, wounded, having his hair disturbed, cracking a stick, or slowing down to remove a thorn from the foot. (46, 47, 58, 64, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 80, 82, 87, 176, 183, 207)

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