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[Or Ogham Character]Manawydden ap Llyr (Staff Son of the Shore) Moininnán, Manannán Mac Lir, Manannan Beg, Mac y Leirr, Manaw (Son of the Shore) Barinthus (Navigator) Gillé Dé (Servant of the Gods) Seandoine Abalach (Old Man of the Apple Trees) Bodach an Chóta Lachtna ’Churl (God of the Grey Coat) Gorrym Dorraghey Rí (Dark Blue King) Gilla Decair (Bad Servant) Manus Mac Oireal (Staff Son of the East) Orba (Gold) Oirbsiú Mac Allóid, Orbán, Orbón, Urbán, Er, Erbin ap Custinhin (Gold of the Blackthorn) Neirin, Aneirin Gwodryd (Golden One of the Flowing Verse) Aneurin Awenyd ap Caw (Inspired Golden One) Odar, Odhar, Odrán, Odhrán, Órán, Odran (Grey-brown Otter)

Ardyledawc canu claer orchyrdon
A gwedy dyrreith dyleinw aeron
Dimcones lovlen benn eryron
Llwyt ef gorevvwyt y ysgylvyon
Or a aeth gatraeth o eur dorchogyon
Ar neges mynydawc mynawc maon
Ny doeth en diwarth o barth vrython
Ododin wr bell well no Chynon
– Y Gododdin

I am no vexed courtier.
I do not avenge what offends me.
I laugh no laugh under the worms.
My knee is outstretched in the earthen house,
with an iron chain, around my knees.
Because of the mead from the aurochs (European wild ox) horn,
because of the band of Catraeth: Grain Womb,
it is I and yet not I, Aneirin: Golden One.
Taliesin of skillful song knows it.
I sang the Gododdin, before the dawn of the following day.
Y Gododdin trans. John T. Koch

Ruling families are Gwyr y Gogledd: The Men of the North, Gododdin is a tribe of people, the Votadini & the site of modern Edinburgh

O mill,
Though you have ground much wheat,
It was no crushing of oats
When you ground Cerball’s grandsons.
The grain which the mill grinds,
Is not oats but red wheat;
Of the best in the great genealogical tree
Was the feed of Mael Odrán’s mill.
–Cronicon Scotorum

(pron. man-OW-eeth-an, mon-on-awn, mö'nan an moc ler, mah-NAN-awn mac leer, mahn-OH, MA-nau, OHR, OHR-an, oh-RAWN, eni´rin,) Shapeshifting god of rebirth, fertility, weather, and sailing who can take the form of a sea-bird or heron. Son of the sea-god Llyr/Lir: Sea the primary Deity of the Manx people and caused great mists to rise around Yns Manaw: Isle of Man, carn Manannáin (UH-nis MA nau) and great armies so invaders would not be able to find it’s shores. The only rent the Manx people had to pay Manannan was a bundle of course meadow grass yearly at Midsummer. Ruler of Arecluta / Ystrad Glud / Strathclyde: Raven People & Rheged: Red Kings. He wears the Cloak of Mists, a magic cloak of colors, changing like the sun from blue-green to silver, to the purple of evening that grants invisiblity and divides the seen from the unseen and can be seen as a harper. He carries a magical Crane Bag full of plenty, a transformation of his partner Aoife, that holds his wonder-working treasures: shirt, knife, Gobniu’s hook, the King of Alban’s shears, King of Lochlann’s helmet described as being fiery, Asal’s pig, & the Great Whale’s skin. The treasures are visible at high-tide. Scuabtuinne: Sweeper of the Waves is a magical ship that moves without sails directed solely by the mind, Aonbharr: Splendid Mane a magical sea horse that brings him to his conch shell throne. He is the ferryman of the dead. He is not of the the Túatha Dé Danaan. His dogs followed a magic boar and were drowned at Loch Con: Lake of Dogs. He is a disciple of the awen with Owen: Life, Cian: Clear Water, Llywarch Hên: Ancient Raven & Taliesin: Radiant Brow His avatar is the god Culainn: Hazel and he is also the divine father of the god Mongán-Finn: Ancient Salmon with the goddess Caintigerna: Clear Water. His symbols are sour milk and crab apples. He makes gold shoes with gilded clasps and sows a sheaf of wheat in 3 plots of ground at Narberth for the harvest. He gives the Tuátha Dé Danann: Rain People the gift of invisibility and sanctuary in the fairy mounds of Ireland. He carries the Ring of Tairnigiri, that controls the weather. He gave the last 5 Oghams to the Druids. He drinks sacred mead out of a glass goblet. Cormac: Raven One exchanged his wife Eithne: Seed and 2 sons, 1 named Carpre: Soul Carrier for Manannan’s glittering silver faery branch with 9 red apples [other stories: 3 gold apples] that puts wounded men and women to sleep, but relented and went to retrieve them. On the border of Manannan’s misty plain he saw horsemen thatching a house with bird feathers unsuccessfully [those who seek fortune & leave their house bare], a youth endlessly trying to light a fire [those who labor for others & never warm themselves] & 3 wells with heads where each mouth forms the head of another. [1st Head: 2 streams out of the mouth & 1 stream flowing in: those who give freely & get little 2nd head: 1 stream out & 1 flowing in: those who give when they get, 3rd Head: 3 streams flowing out: those who get much and give little]. Manannan & his wife clad in many colors cooked him wild boar from 7 regenerating boars that can feed the world & drink from the 7 white cows with endless milk. They gave him a golden cup that splits lies into 4 pieces and unites truths, a tablecloth of endless food, and his family. He went to sleep and woke up at Teamhair.
Gaiar, Gaer Ua Lir (Small) is a God and son of Manannán Mac Lir. He is the consort of the goddess Bécuma. Niamh is Manannán’s daughter. (58)
Aneirin helped by raven bird goddesses but killed by Percival. His body was taken to Avalon. Aneirin was killed a 3rd time, Llyfr Aneirin: Book of Aneirin from the 13th century, by Eiddin son of Einigan’s axeblow to the head. He became a saint of winegrowers and innkeepers. St. Odran is patron of Waterford & Saint Patrick’s charioteer. His wine festival in Hungary is the last Saturday in May in Velence. His statue is showered with water. His feast day is December 19th. His sacred stones and hill forts in Galicia were destroyed in the seventeenth century.
Siblings : Brân: Raven, Nissyen: Peaceful. Efnissyen: Bird & Branwen: White Raven / Dwywai ab Lleynnog: White Raven Sons: Ermid: Conflict, Gwynn: White One, Dyfel: Otter & Cyndrwyn: Stubborn One. Place-names: Capriata d’Orba, Schloss Orban, Orbán: France & Spain, Orbantanya, Orbanyosfa: Hungary Family names: Orbansen, Denmark, Dorban, Poland, Orbanek, Orbanic, Orbank, Urbanowicz, Poland, Orbin, Urbonas, Lithuania, Orbann, Horban, Austria, Orbaneja, Andalusia, Orba, Orbai, Orbay, Orbanc, Orbancz , Orbantz, Hungary Corrin, Corran, Mac Odhrain (6, 53, 56, 58, 60, 73, 89, 91, 97, 95:2, 103, 119, 136, 169, 176, 183, 189)

Loch Corrib stretches North West from the boundry of Galway City as far as Maam, the place where the two mountain rivers, Béalánabreac and Faill Mór, enter her...There is an underground connection between Loch Corrib and the other great lake, Loch Mask. The name comes from the Sea God, Oirbsiú Mac Allóid commonly known as Manan Mac Lir from whom the Isle of Man got its name. Uillen killed this god on the Western bank of the Corrib and it is from this that the town of Magh Cuillinn (Moycullen) situated on the N59 got its name. They say that there are 365 islands on the lake but be this true or false, there are hundreds of them there. – Linguaweb.

Iolo Manuscripts is the strange myth of the Bone Prison of Oeth and Anoeth which Manawyddan son of Llyr, built in Gower a.k.a Gorre in the shape of a bee-hive, the cells, forming a kind of labyrinth. He immured those whom he found trespassing in Hades; and among his captives was no less a person than the famous Arthur: Bear. [Held for 3 days & 3 nights before escaping] The new reading makes that ghastly abode a real building, constructed out of the bones of the Caesarians (Romans) killed in battle with the Cymri. It consisted of numerous chambers, some of large bones and some of small, some above ground and some under. ...Several times the Caesarians demolished the prison, but, each time, the Cymri rebuilt it stronger than before. At last the bones decayed, and, being spread upon the ground, made an excellent manure! From that time forth the people of the neighbourhood had astonishing crops of wheat and barley and of every other grain for many years. (275)

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