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Kings: D: Cynfeirdd [Direction] Bards

Dían Cécht Mac Dagda (Strong Plough, Eager Plough) Diannach (Swift) Cainte (Speech) Mac Gréine (Son of Sun) Cethor, Cethren, Geth, Cethin, Cethe Mac Cermait (Plough Son of Honey Mouth) (pron DI-an-ket, dee-UN-ak) Spring Sun god, Medicine god, who cures wounds. He crafted a silver arm for the God Nuada: Yew. The Morrigan gave birth to a baby son and he opened the heart to find 3 small serpents which were prophesied to devour everyone in Ireland. He then killed the serpents, burnt them, and threw them into the Barrow: Boiling river where their poison killed the riverlife and set the water boiling. He is the father of the goddess Étain: Waterfall.
Brothers: Bodb Dearg: Dangerous Red, Coll: Hazel, Digon: Enough, Sufficient, Gralon: Bottom of the Sea, Grannus: Sun, Midir: Wren, Tristan: Oak (55, 58, 98)
Miach (Honorable, Proud)(pron. MEE-ack) Son of Dian Cecht. He replaced Nuada’s silver hand with a flesh and blood one and did an eye transplant. He has red hair and freckles and wears a silk shirt with red embroidery, golden shield and sword. Killed by Conall of the Victories. He was murdered by his jealous father and herbs grew from his grave that would heal illness and give people eternal life. He was made a saint. His holy well is at Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland and has a booley stone that activates it. His sister is Acaill: Chalice & Airmid: Measure of Seeds. (58, 88, 97)
Cúán (Little Wolf) Cú Roí Mac Dáiri, Cubert, Conganchas Mac Daire (Red Hound) Cú Mac Medb (Hound Son of Intoxicating Goddess) Cúán Mac Dian Cécht, Coona Mac Medbh (Little Wolf) The Man in the Grey Cloak(pron. KOO REE mohk DAW-ra, KOO, KOO-ane, koo-ANE, KOONA, KUH-her) Solar Diety part of The Degad: Southern Ones of Munster equivalent to The Red Branch of Emania. In The Story of the Fairy Rowan Tree he is the fiancé of Aine Daughter of Mananaun Lord of the Sea, but loses the hurling match on the first day of Lunasa at high noon between himself and her lover Fergus: Virility. His hurling stick made of a rhinocerous horn. He went off to the Isle of Man with a band of warriors disguised as jugglers, massacred the people and carried back their heads as war trophies. He abducted the goddess Bláthnait: Flower, a magical cauldron, Iuchna’s 3 cows and 3 birds. His head was cut off by the Solar Diety Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound in battle over Bláthnait: Flower and his fortress set on fire. Killed again by Celtchair: Hidden Womb. His soul resides in a golden ball in the belly of a magical salmon which only surfaces every 7å years. He lives at Cathair Chon Raoí (pron. Caherconree ) Stone Fortress of Cú Roi near Tralee. He turns the King of the Cats and the Eagle-Emperor into stone. Coill Chuan: Cuan’s Wood [Teltown] was cleared by the goddess Talltiu after the Caith Maigh Tured: Grain Harvest Plain of Frost and it is now a clovery plain. Eanach Cuan is the lament of the death of 19 men at Eanach Dúin. Names: ó Quane, Quain St. Cuana. Dabhach Chuana, is at Cnoc Réin, Galway. His feast day is February 4th. Brothers: Enna, Fursey. (58, 60, 77, 80, 181)
Mac Cuill (Son of Holly) Sethor, Cuilliok (Soothsayer) // Mac Cécht Mac Ogma (Son of Plough) & Mac Gréine Mac Ogma (Son of Little Winter Sun)(pron. KWIL-yok) Triple god who can take the form of a hound. He and his brothers Mac Gréine: Son of the Little Winter Sun who strikes a spark and kindles a fire for the King of Erin & Mac Cecht: Son of Grain divided Ireland between them after killing Ith: Hunger for Fertility. The Mílesian relatives of Ith arrived and killed them. Consort of the triple earth goddess: Ériu - Mac Gréine, Banba - Mac Cuill, Fótla-Mac Cecht (58, 98)
Cían Mac Cainte, Cíanan (Weep Son of Clear Water) Cynon, Kinnon (Speech of Light) Kâno, Cain, Kenn, Cant, Kent (Clear Water) Cináed, Cainnech, Cionaodh, Coinneach, Ceneu, Cenyw, Ceneus, Kenny, Kenneth, Cainnechán, Cainneachán (Water Child) (KEE-an moc kiin’t, KEE-nahn, KI-NAWHN, kiin, KEN-ee) He went to get Goibniu’s Cow of Plenty stolen by Balor, climbed the tower of glass & slept with Balor’s daughter Eithne: Seed who conceived the god Lugh: Raven. He was decapitated by Balor & the stone is Cloch Cinnfaeladh: Stone of the Bloody Head (pron. Cloghaneely) at Kilmacrenan, Donegal. Cian was murdered again by Tuirean: Triple Fire after trying to escape them by changing into a boar. They tried to bury him 6 times & he kept rising up. On the 7th try he was laid to rest at the Druimm Cain: Reed Height (pron. DRU ’m Kin). (54, 55, 58, 71, 73, 80, 102)

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