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ó Thuaidh, Aduaidh (Go North) Tuaisceart (North) Magh Tuireadh (Plain of Frost) Falias (Shining)

“O Earth of Ireland, sacred and beloved, have you the Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny?” (pron lee-uh foyl or lee-uh faw-yil)

 A strong sweet music welled up from the earth, and every stone and every leaf and every drop of water shone with light till all Ireland seemed one vast crystal, white and shining. The white light changed to rose, as it had been a ruby; and the ruby to sapphire; and the sapphire to emerald the emerald to opal; the opal to amethyst; and the amethyst to diamond, white and radiant with every colour. “It is enough ! ” cried Lugh: Raven. “I am well answered: the earth of Ireland has kept the Stone.” (150)


Then the Fomorian Bres: Moon said: ‘If you spare me, the men of Ireland will reap a harvest of grain every quarter.’ Maeltine: Silver Fire said: ‘The spring is for ploughing & sowing, & the beginning of summer for the strength of grain, & the beginning of autumn for its ripeness, & the winter for using it.’

‘That does not save you,’ said Lugh: Raven to Bres. But then to make an excuse for sparing him, Lugh said: ‘Tell us what is the best way for the men of Ireland to plough & to sow & to reap.’

‘Let their ploughing be on a Tuesday, & their casting seed into the field on a Tuesday, & their reaping on a Tuesday,’ said Bres. So Lugh said that would do, & he let him go free after that. (123)

(pron. oh hu-i, touche-carte, TOOSH-KAHRT, Moytirra, moy-TOO-ra) The Black North Falias: Understone is in the north. It’s symbol is the stone of death, a giant crystal larger than an iceberg, hard as a diamond, carved by the aeons of knife-edged polar winds, which is crowned with Pale fire and flows on black waters. It is a city of frost lit by falling stars and populated by snow white ravens. The Master of the Winds lives there. It is ruled by Vilemurk, God of Winter, Lord of Misrule, whose ice maidens delay spring in April by blowing their icy breath on streams and rivers. His Yn Foawr Rioee: frost giants live in hollow mountains and their cooking fires are called volcanos. The bat-winged mist-hags can freeze marrow, their fingers are icicles. The god Llyr: Sea was imprisoned in the ice mountain and was released by Fionn: The White God with the bruane: golden seeds of flame from the sunset which melted the ice. Fionn went to get the stone which shines like a rainbow in the sunlight. The oceans of the world flow from the mountains. (6, 133, 151, 161) [Worlds List]

Nuada: Solar Yew, first king of the Tuátha Dé Danann: Water from Heaven People lost an arm to Formorian Bress Sreng Mac Srengann: Moon Embroiderer (pron. BREHS SHARE-en), one of the 12 white-mouthed sons of Balor who is the second moon at the Red Hill of Rain, in the east of Connacht near Cong: White Trout River after 30 blows & 9 blows to his shield. This was June 11th, 3303 at Cath Maigh Tuired: Midsummer Grain Harvest Plain of Frost, considered by some to be a giant hurling match. Both parties soaked in healing baths of medicinal herbs Cong neighborhood preserves cairns & tumulus. Bres: Moon Embroiderer, made king for the next 7 years, carries the Sceptre of Tuireadh: Frost Sceptre that gives knowledge of every cultural tongue. Called Master of the Silver Tongue, consort of the goddess Basilia, son (brother) of Elotha Ecne: Raven Knowledge (pron. AHL-a-ha). He appears as a tall, finely-dressed man, with a narrow hairless face, short black hair, pointed nose, blue eyes with a golden ring given by his mother Eri: Snowdrop. His other brothers listed are: Ciarán: Dark, Declan, Coll: Hazel, Conall: Reed, Heulyn: Sunshine, Neb, Ovan, Donal: Dark One & Celta.

Caibre / Corpré Mac Etain & Ogma: Soul Carrier son of the Waterfall Goddess cursed Bress: Moon with a waning sickness after he imposed taxes on hearths & cows; demanded an ounce of gold as poll-tax, starved the people by cutting back substinence rations, stripped them of jewels & treasures, & stole the Dagda’s Harp: Dur da Bla: Oak of the 2 Cries that can summon the seasons when the Dagda: Good God refused to return Orna: Gold, The Talking Sword of Tethra. Considered the first satire in Ireland. In Ireland words of satire can cause physical disease.

Nuadha: Solar Yew was restored with a silver: moon hand & abdicated the throne to Lugh: Raven Moon Gleam. Moon Embroiderer went to the court of his father & received Fomorian troops from Lochlann, Scythia, & the Western Isles to take back his kingship by force which led to the 4 day Cath Mag Tuireadh na b-Fomorach: Second Grain Harvest of the Plain of Frost on May Day [another source says Halloween]. Lugh: Moon Gleam sent the Dagda to spy on the Fomorians, but the Giants humiliated him by making him eat a huge amount of oat porridge from a hole in the ground. Bres begged for his life. promising that the cows will always gave milk & a good wheat harvest every year. His life was spared on the condition that he teach the Tuátha Dé how & when to plough, sow & reap. Bres’ place is Dun Brese: Moon Fortress & it was built by the Dagda: Good God. The Plain of Carrowmore, near Sligo has the stone cairns & dolmens. (58, 72, 102, 126, 175)

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