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  1. Adecina [Water Door] Winter diety of water & regeneration. Her sacred animal is the goat.
  2. Achall [Chalice] Goddess of devotion & love. Cairpri: Soul Carrier & Fedelm: 9 Times Beautiful’s daughter. Cried for 9 days when her brother Erc: Trout was killed.
  3. Aeb-Enid [Soul] & Aífe [Radiant] Gaulish virgin moon goddess of the Corco Duibhne: Black Oat tribe who can take the form of a swan. Daughter of the Earl of the Mist, Enchanter of the Black Back-lands & the goddess Pressina Argante: Silver One. Fleadh Áise - Feast of Age, In The King of Ireland’s Son Aefa bathes in swan form with her sisters Fedelma & Gilveen.
  4. Airmed [Measure of Seeds] She & her brother Miach went to the castle of Nuadhu: Solar Yew and gave the porter a cat’s eye to gain entrance. During Cath Maigh Tuireadh: Second Harvest (Battle): Plain of Frost she gathered herbs to cure wounded warriors & to raise the dead in the Health Fountain. She guards the secret well of healing
  5. Albiane [White Moon] Scythian white goddess of fertility. She is the Lady of the Copper Mountain [Ural] a beautiful young woman with green eyes, long black braid, & golden crown who can turn into a lizard. She lives in a palace in an enchanted forest of leaves, grass & flowers made of precious stones.
  6. Argante [Silver Moon] Arian: Archaic name of Iran [Khorassan, Persia] & Its Great Goddess, sometimes rendered Mariana. Ariadne Most Holy, High Fruitful Mother: Creatan Moon-goddess. Tre’ Gaer Anrheg: Caer Arianrhod: Silver Castle [Aurora Borealis]. Magh Findargat.
  7. Baeddan [Boar] God-Queen of Protection & Travelers from the city of Parnus (Estonia). She takes the form of a beautiful, ageless woman with white hair, marble complexion, violet eyes & white robes or an old crone, clad in brown robes, carrying a walking stick.
  8. Belisama [Sacred Tree] Moon & underworld goddess who is the sister & lover of Sumerian Du'uzu the Pomegranate god. All trees are sacred to her. Goddess of light, muse of poetry, music & sovereignty who wears a dress made of silver & diamonds, diamond shoes, & a crown over her wavy ringleted hair that reaches to her feet. She owns a miraculous bracelet; & can be seen wearing a brooch, diadem of beaten gold & silken smock embroidered with gold
  9. Bioras Bui [Yellow Lily] Daughter of Giant Lenny-Leno who carries a yellow lily at her breast & bathes every day at noon in Lóch Léin:Leno’s Lake with her sisters blue lily & white lily.
  10. Birog [Eye Tooth] Druidess who brought Cian: Clear Water across the sea in a blast of wind to the crystal tower where Eithne: Seed was imprisoned. She helped him ascend & rescue Eithne from imprisonment by putting the guardians of the tower to sleep.
  11. Bláithnet [Blossom] 9 powers in me combined, 9 buds of plant & tree./ Long & white are my fingers, As the 9th wave of the sea.
  12. Blinne [Lean] Goddess who accompanied the goddess Cessair. Healed the sick & gave to the poor; community at the foot of Slieve Gullion in Killevy, County Armagh, Northern Ireland
  13. Boghmin [Grain Meal]
  14. Branwen [White Raven] Alder: Venus of the Northern Seas: Goddess of love & beauty. She has black hair, white skin & a magical girdle.
  15. Brígid [Power] Acorn: Goddess of the 3 suns of the seasons, healing springs, fertility, poetry, inspiration, marriage & Edinburgh. Takes the form of a white trout.
  16. Cadwyn [Bright Chain], Cafell [Oracle]
  17. Caintigern [Clear Water]-Rigru [Big Eyed Queen]-Attracta [Fertile] Goddess of sovereignty: Rules a magical island of apple blossom trees, wells of wine, & lakes with sacred hazelnut trees with Dáire: Oak God.
  18. Canola [Center] Goddess who was inventor of the harp.
  19. Ciar [Dark Beetle] St. Ciar of Killkeary.
  20. Cliodna [Shapely One] Goddess of Beauty. Bird Goddess of the afterlife who can take the form of a sea-wave or wren. She has fair hair crowned with the Ferroniere of Allurement. Apple tree: silver white blossoms & golden apples. Tír Tairngaire: Land of Promise
  21. Cocidius [Hooded] Said to have died twice at the hands of Corotiagus: God of the wind, storms, thunder and fighting and poetry. Her stone relief is in Risingham, Yorkshire.
  22. Colm [Hazel / Dove] Le Mort d’Arthur: Her consort is Lanceor and they are buried in the same tomb. Hazel can take the form of a beautiful green-eyed woman who guards churchyards and can levitate over steeples.
  23. Cors [Marsh Reed], Cragan [Shell]
  24. Cristant-Tuiren [Spark of Fire] Mantell: Duchess of Ys. Her consort is Geraint: The Blue Bard
  25. Cronn [Globe] She killed the Milesian god Uala: Fierce Pride who volunteered to go into Cronn’s stream to see if the Connacht Warriors would be able to cross it.
  26. Cuda [Prosperity], Creirwy [Crystal Egg] The Swan of Endless Tales had been hatched out of the Crystal Egg.
  27. Cundry [Black Maiden] Tawlbwrdd Gwendoleu: Draughtboard: 9-fold goddess of fate who is the sister of Merlin & guardian of the Holy Grail. She lives Magh Ionganaidh at the Castle of Wonders on a lofty mountain.
  28. Cywyllog [Rotation] Fomorian goddess & queen of Fomorian realm of Draca. Her Fomorian sorcerers, the Blue Men, leave Fomoria to wander the seas. In Arthurian mythology she became the wife of Mordred. She has brown eyes & wears black slippers. She travels on moonbeams.
  29. Damona [Divine Cow] Healer Goddess of Gaule depicted with a serpent curled around her hand. Sacred cow related to dawn who guards the clouds
  30. Aíb-gréna [Radiance of the Sun] & Der Gréne [Tear of the Sun] Daughter of the sea & the sun. She has long fair golden blonde hair, blue eyes, a crown of roses & jasmine with emerald leaves & a dress of pale green & gold brocade.
  31. Didraine [Sorrow] Goddess with: white skin, green eyes [or blue that turn purple], twisted golden hair, blood red lips, snow-white teeth, & cheeks the color of foxglove. Her stars are the group of 7 stars called An Grioglachan: Pleiades.
  32. Durbhola [Hard Nut] Goddess and daughter of the king of the mer-folk. She married a human.
  33. Eithne [Seed] Sweet Nutmeat Princess: Beautiful underworld giantess of the Land of the Maidens who lived on the milk of a sacred cow from India, was guarded by a demon, & became princess of the Fomorian giants. She is the goddess of birth & has healing powers. At Newgrange 9 magical hazel trees grow from Uaig Búana. She can take the form of a trout & lives at the bottom of the Well of the Sun.
  34. Ellen [Sun] Mother goddess of the Dorian Tribe of Greece known as the Golden Bear. Her constellation is the Great Bear with Artemis: The Little She-Bear Constellation. Princess of Listinois: The Wasteland who lives at Castle Corbenic: Castle Raven / Castle of Adventures / Castle Perilous where the Holy Grail lies on a velvet bed.
  35. Eluned [Moon] Modrwy Eluned: Ring of Eluned: Queen of the mer-people. The Kingdom of the Sea under the Scilly Isles of Cornwall at Penzance that she rules is called Lyonesse.
  36. Emmeline [Blind], Endellion [Bright One] Blind seer who had her sight restored by Merlin. She wears silk & diamonds and was imprisoned in a golden castle guarded by a faery. She was abducted by Jean, who put a sleeping potion in her glass at dinner & stole out of the castle with her at midnight with the help of Father Roquelaure: Rock of the woods.
  37. Eneauawy [Annointer], Enfys [Rainbow], Enrhydreg [Abundance]
  38. Étaín [Swift One] Goddess of the dawn, water, fertility, horses, fragrance, beauty, medicine, music, earth & the transmigration of souls
  39. Fachea [Puffin Bird] Goddess of poetry.
  40. Fedelm [9 Times Beautiful] Sea diety from Calydon. She takes the form of a swan with a green scarf in her mouth to bathe in the river. Tasks: The Shoes of Swiftness to run down Whitefoot the Silver-Horned Fawn. She had her blue falcon call the birds so that their feathers could be used to thatch a beehive before sunset. To get the Fainne Óg: Ring of Youth from the bottom of the well before sunset.
  41. Felicia [Beautiful] She swallowed a worm from a magic well, and conceived the god Conall: Reed. She also took care of Cu Chullain: Hazel Hound who was born from a fly swallowed by her sister Dechtiré: Tenth.
  42. Ffiona [Foxglove] Princess of Connacht who has short golden brown hair, dresses in green and blue shimmering silk, golden coronet jeweled with sea pearls and is Queen of All Ireland.
  43. Finnuala [Fair Shouldered One] Swan-Maiden daughter of Llyr. Drinks hazel-nut mead.
  44. Flidais [Stag Mistress] She roams the earth in a chariot drawn by supernatural deer. Her seg: wild deer are milked and give milk to many. She milks them each 7th day. Her cow can give milk to 300 people at 1 night’s milking.
  45. Fótla [Earth]-Banba [Land Unplowed for a Year]-Eriu [Peace] Homer’s Iliad. She is not invited to the forced wedding of Peleus & Thetis, the parents of Achilles & she tosses the Apple of Discord, a golden apple inscribed Kallisti – ‘For the most beautiful one’ into the fray provoking the Olympian goddesses Hera, Pallas: Wisdom Athena, & Aphrodite to fight over who is entitled to the apple. They attempt to bribe (P)aris, Prince of Troy, to choose 1 of them. Hera offers political power; Pallas Athene promises skill in battle; & Aphrodite tempts him with the most beautiful woman in the world: Helen: Sun, wife of Menelaus of Sparta. Paris awards the apple to Aphrodite.
  46. Fuamach [Sonorousness], Fuinche [Ash] Lives in the underworld Sidhe of Brí Léith, She transformed Midir's lover into a dragonfly with a wand of rowan berries in her bedroom. The Hag of the Ashes, once called the Hag of the Wood lives in a wattled-woven ash tree house in the center of a wood with 4 ash trees drawn together at the tops. Her goat carries the King of he Cats to the Eagle-Emperor’s palace on the top of the Hill of Horns covered with thistles.
  47. Geofon [Creek]
  48. Glas [Blue Cow]-Lasair [Fire of Wine] Glas is the sacred cow from India that Balor stole for his crystal tower. As a moon cow she is called the green stripper, because though she yielded milk in rivers, she never had a calf. Lasair lives in the Red Castle. The god Flann: Bright Red Fire dressed in a red robe brought her the Rose of Sweetness that never withers, the Comb of Magnificence, & the Girdle of Truth during Midsummer at the Feast of the Gathering of Apples.
  49. Goewin [Foam], Glanis [Pure Gem] Goewin: Virgin footholder for the god Math: Bear. Glanis: Triple Goddess of springs at Glanum in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. Siluris Glanis is a catfish.
  50. Gráinne [Sun] Pais Badarn Beisrydd: Padarn’s Cloak: Sun Goddess of Tipperary. Grianan is the little winter sun that shines from All Hallows to Beltaine Eve. Daughter of a human father and a sunbeam. 9 daughters live in open homes called griánnon - sun houses at the palace of Cormac: Raven, her father. Ban Naomha a magical brown trout in the sacred well of the sun, Kil-na-Greina in County Cork. Invisible to all but the second sighted
  51. Guinevere [White Wave] White Snake Enchantress: Goddess of the Summer Sun, called the Golden Wheel,
  52. Habetrot [Fortune] British goddess of spinning and healing. The wearer of her garments would never suffer from sickness.
  53. Kymidei Kymeinvoll [Interwoven Communion] Giantess goddess of sex who lives under The Lake of the Cauldron, Ireland with her giantess husband Llasar Llaes Gyfnewid who is described as being half her size. They are the keepers of the Cauldron of Regeneration, into which they throw dead warriors who come back to life mute.
  54. Leborcham [Slender Crooked Limping One] Goddess of Fate.
  55. Lévénez [Happiness], Lonnóg [Bold], Lot [Wound] Rodez capital of the Rouergue, lies in the center of a triangle formed by Toulouse, Montpellier & Clermont-Ferran. The Ruthénois or Rutenes are good-looking, fair-haired Gaulish people who settled in the oppidum. Her sacred stone is the Menhir de Stang Levenez at Trégourez. Feast day Nov. 3.
  56. Manacca [Monk], Maer [Judgment] Sent Fionn Mac Cumhaill: The White God 9 charmed nuts to make him love her. He refused to eat them because they were not nuts of knowledge but nuts of ignorance. He buried them a foot deep in the earth.
  57. Magog [Expansion] Solar diety of the mountains, progenitor of the Sarmatians (Lower Don River), Scythians a.k.a Magogites (Armenia and North of the Black Sea), Slavonians (A region in eastern Croatia, northern Yugoslavia), and Tartars.
  58. Medb [Intoxicated One] Corca Dhuibhne: Black Oat Sun goddess of fertility who can take the form of an owl or cyclops. [Extra eyes and 1 eye signify 2nd sight]: ’Andromeda hailed from the Sept of Gorgon’s Sentry, an all Black Fury caern in the Aegean Sea.’
  59. Mell-Dechtiré [Tenth] Valerii goddess of the sea. Dechtiré was born from a magic blue speckled egg with green spots given to her mother by her godmother, swallowed a fly in her wine and Lugh impregnated her with his soul. Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound became their son.
  60. Meng [Twig] Shapeshifting goddess of the sea, setting sun, fate, death, rebirth, healing. In China: “The Venerable Old Lady, Goddess Meng, presides over the Terrace of Oblivion.” The International Camellia Society calls her the Empress of Winter. She rules the paradise Xian Jing with the Emperor of Summer but is invaded by Hei: Lord of the Dark. Her courts are the Seelie Yang Gong and the Unseelie Yin Gong.
  61. Miranda [Sea Dawn] Triple goddess of the dawn, spring, and sovereignty. Her chariot of mother of pearl is drawn by 6 dun colored griffons. She wears a dress of white satin with diamonds. Her middle sister wears a dress of blue satin with turquoise and the oldest a green satin dress with emeralds. Miranda’s brother was engaged to Gold-Tree, the fairest maiden in the land according to the trout of the spring.
  62. Mongfhinn [Fair Hair] She died by accidentally swallowing poison she intended to kill her stepson Niall Noígiallach: Cloud of the 9 with. This was on Samhain Eve and in later tradition was known as the Feile Moingfinne: Festival of the Snow Goddess when her evil spirit stalked the countryside in search of children’s souls.
  63. Natsuelta [Winding River] Raven goddess worshiped in Gaule as creator and destroyer of the world. Her little house is depicted on a long pole. Other objects are a bird, a bee-hive and honeycombs. She carries a cornucopia.
  64. Nechtan [Descendant of the Waters] Goddess of the Morini tribe of the Netherlands. She is portrayed as a youthful woman with a short shoulder-cape and round cap. She is on a shell throne with a fruit basket with a hound at her side and cornucopiae and trees at the sides of the altars.
  65. Nerthus-Ertha [Mother Earth] Danish fertility, abundance & earth goddess. Her sanctuary is on an island with a sacred lake of black waters. Hertha Castle, Jasmund, Island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea. In the Icelandic Sagas she is the twin sister of the sea god Njord.
  66. Nwywre [Snake] Primordial goddess of sovereignty, divine wisdom, alchemy, and guardian of the sacred waters and treasures of Meerebrunn or Marienbronn: Well of the Sea of Lobsann, France. She is the harmonious fusion of the elements of air, fire, water, and earth. She is the foundress of Warszawa and guards the sacred river Wisla.
  67. Obliot [Herb Woman] Goddess and daughter of Lyppaut / Tibaut of Bearosche. As a child she had a pretend liaison with Gawain: White Hawk who won her favor. Her consort is Sir Melius: Honey. Her older sister is Obie.
  68. Orddu [Black Gold] Breton triple goddess of the dawn. 3 sister goddesses that live in Le Morbihannais: the Marshes of Morva and take the form of hags dressed in blue robes with red hair. They guard a black cauldron of re-birth, the pearl-rimmed cauldron of Annwyn and have the power to turn into frogs.
  69. Plu na mBan [Flower of Women] Daughter of the god Oisín and the goddess Niamh.
  70. Raghnell [Queen of the Wasteland] Queen of the Isle of Women enchanted by her stepmother into the Loathly Lady. Gawain: White Hawk married her by moonlight, as she was turning into a black dragon, not knowing that with the first kiss she would become beautiful.
  71. Relbeo [Living Flame] Nemedian: Sacred Grove druidess. Daughter of Smol Son of Esmol, the king of Greece.
  72. Richis [Against]
  73. River Goddesses Alicante, Flesca [Garland], Hamaveae, Laha, Logia [Hollow], Mandika, Verbeia, Matres Audrinae, Axona [Gain], Matres Comedovae, Yonne [Yew], Souconna [Saône]
  74. Rosmerta [Exceedingly Smeared One] Gaulish goddess of fire, warmth, fertility, wealth, and abundance. worshipped from France to Luxembourg.
  75. Sabrina [Summer] Goddess of the River Severn. She is as fair as a lily, with dark and flowing hair, dressed in white and silver with a neck that moves with the grace and beauty of a swan. She lives at Tintagel Castle.
  76. Salaberga / Saorla [Noble Princess]
  77. Scenmed [Fox Cry] Wife of the harpist Craiphtine. She became the lover of Cormac: Raven. In the Leabhar Gabala Eireann: Book of Invasions she is 1 of the 7 wives of the Mílesians with Tea [Tea-mhair] Fás [Feart Fais/Gleand Fais], Fíal, Líben, Odba, & Scota [Scotland], daughter of the Egyptian Pharoah Nectanebeus of the 30th Dynasty. Inber Slaíne.
  78. Scothniamh [Lustrous Blossom] Goddess and princess of Munster. Her sister is Caoimhe: Cherished. They are the daughters of the Blue Hag. She wears a silk mantle of green and a diadem of yellow gold.
  79. Serc [Love] In the Black Bull of Norroway, she is the youngest of 3 daughters who rides a bull to the bull’s brother’s palace and receives an apple. At the 2nd brother’s castle she receives a pear. At the 3rd brother’s castle she receives a plum.
  80. Sgeimh Solais [Light of Beauty] Daughter of High King Cairbré: Trout. Her marriage to the son of the Desí started a war between Caibré: Trout and the Fianna: Salmon that ended with the destruction of the Fianna.
  81. Sin [Cry] Beautiful Oak Goddess with blonde hair, pool-blue eyes, swan-white skin, and a green mantle with fringes of golden thread. Her sisters are Druantia: Oak and Garbh Ogh: Queen Bee.
  82. Smirgat [Marrow] ‘I come to burn. I am she who comes by night to parch all moist ideas of youth, to devour honor and courage and all their ornaments and implements, and finally, most cruel to incinerate hope itself by my punctuality. ’
  83. Sorcha [Bright Colored Sun] Solar Goddess who is the only daughter and 7th child of a 7th son: Colum / Colm: Dove, Lord of the Waters.
  84. Tabiti [Great] Slavonic Goddess of fire & beasts represented bearing a child. In Scythia-Sakas she is a half serpent with a raven on 1 side & a dog on the other. Her kurgan: Queen’s Tomb is in Pazyryk, Western Altai: Golden Mountains on the border between Siberia & Outer Mongolia. A rug with a border frieze depicts her holding the Tree of Life in 1 hand & raising the other in welcome.
  85. Tamara [Spiced Palm] Canaanite virgin goddess of hearth, home, beneficial fire, priestly knowledge. Her symbol is the tabby cat.
  86. Teamhair [Eminence] Daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh Bachtir Mac Buirech. Gave her name to the hill of Tara: Fire the traditional seat of Irish kingship. It is said she came from Thebes.
  87. Treblann, Trifin [Triple White] Goddess of rain and the seas, said to collect the tears of the world for Saitada. She is invoked before a sea voyage, crossing a stream, or walking in rain. Beautiful goddess in love with the god Fróech: Rainshower.
  88. Túage [Rainbow] Goddess of the dawn & daughter of Conall Collamair: Reed. The Son of the Sea lusted after her. He sent Ferdia: Man of the Diety in the shape of a woman to abduct her. Ferdia lulled her to sleep with a sleep-spell, brought her to Inbher Glas: Blue Rivermouth, went to look for a boat to go to the Land of Women, & she drowned in the flood-tide. Tonn Túaige, Wave of Túag, named after her
  89. Uroica [Heather]-Fior Usga [Spring Water] Breton summer goddess of heather. The heather is a midsummer tree associated with mountains & bees. Fior Usga: Daughter of King Corc of Ireland. She unleashed a flood when trying to draw water and the Lough of Cork was formed.

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