[Christine’s Halloween Monster and Faery List]

Kings: Index

  1. Alisanos [Divine One] Danu: Acorn: Cauldron of the Daghda
  2. Afagddu [Utter Darkness] & brother Iona [Purple Jewel] Ceridwen’s Coire fhíos: Cauldron of Knowledge: Raven. Moon Ionawr: Jan.
  3. Ardwyad ap Caw [Protector], Díarmuid ap Caw [Forgiven] & Gwgawn ap Caw [Glance] Deoch dearmaid: drink of forgetfulness.
  4. Arthur [Bear] Llen Arthur: Veil of Arthur. Yns Avalon: Apple Tree Island
  5. Belí [Sacred Tree] The Druids taught the existence of 1 god, to whom they gave a name Be’ al: The life of everything,
  6. Bhradain [Salmon] Kirk Braddan, Isle of Man
  7. Blane [Yellow] Restore the dead to life. Glen Callum: Field of the Dove, Ellan Void: Bute Isle, Scotland
  8. Bors [Boar]-Esclavos [Black Knight] 1 of 13 Knights
  9. Brân ap Llyr [Raven] Alder Tree: Corn Brangalad: Brân’s Horn
  10. Brastias [Warden of the North] & Brathach ap Gwawrddu [Son of the Dawn]
  11. Breasal [High King] Milesian
  12. Bwlch [Bull] Fomor: Tarbh-feis: bull sacrifices
  13. Camulos [Heaven] Cam River, Camelot
  14. Caoimhín-Kevin [Cherished One] Glendalough, County Wickow, Ireland & Cléder France
  15. Capa [Peace] Milesian Fisherman
  16. Ceadda [King of Herrings] Triple God: Ciad: Identical Ones, Chad: 1st, Mith Ceud: Humble 1st
  17. Celta [Hidden] Kelt: A salmon after spawning, before returning to the sea.
  18. Ciarán [Beetle Black] Firbolg: Black tin: St. Ciarán refined to white tin: St. Chewidden
  19. Cleddyf [Sword] Fomor Triple God: Silver Apples
  20. Clonach [Bell] & Téideach [Warm]: Fomor sons of Crom
  21. Lugh-Cluny [Meadow] Cebystr Clydno Eiddin: Clydno’s Halter: Tír nam Beo: Land of the Living.
  22. Coll [Hazel / Dove] God of Sweet Dreams. Oídhe Cwm Cowlwyd: Owl [others: Eagle of Gwernabwy: Alder & Stag of Rhedynvre].
  23. Compar [Compass]. Coron [Crown], Eathfaigh [Journeying Boatman], Eine [Life] Black Fomorians
  24. Corc [Oat] Castle undersea at the Lough of Cork, Munster, Ireland
  25. Cormac Mac Art [Raven Son of King Arthur] Silver Branch with 9 Red apples or 3 Gold apples.
  26. Craftine [Crackling Fire] Fomor: Harpest of the Silent One
  27. Cuscraid [Victorious] Fomor: Made a claim for the hero’s portion of boar meat at Mac Da Thó: Son of the 2 Mute’s house.
  28. Da Derga: Bodb Dearg [Dangerous Red] Bruiden Da Derga-Tír fo Thuinn: Golden-Yellow Apples
  29. Dian Cecht [Ploughman], Miach [Honorable], Cúán [Little Wolf], Sethor Mac Cuill [Soothsayer Son of Holly], Cian Mac Kent [Weep Son of Clear Water]: Bards: Southern Ones. Cúán’s apple soul in a magic salmon.
  30. Dinadan [Hill Poet] Knight: Dinadan wrote a ley and sent Eliot the harper to Cornwall to satirise King Mark. His brother is Breunor.
  31. Dobar ap Manawydden [Otter] God & King of Siogair (Sicily). Lugh asked the Sons of Tuirenn: Sons of Fire to get his 2 horses & chariot that can ride the sea & land.
  32. Driscoll [Interpreter] & Brothers: Draigen [Blackthorn] & Aititt [Firebrand] Giants: Cauldron of Dyrnfwch-Tyrnog
  33. Elphin [Pure Element] Fomor: Care of Taliésin for 13 years.
  34. Efnissen ap Llyr [Unpeaceful], Lodan Mac Lir [Little Pool] & Ilbrech ua Lir [Speckled Trout] Falcon lluad: grey hawk of time & king of the birds. The gods gave him 5,500 years of life after he survived the black deluge.
  35. Escanor [Solar Knight] Elder Tree: White Flower of fugitive flowers. God of the dawn & son of the king of Armorica. 1 of 9 Solar Knights.
  36. Esus [Unhusked Nut] He presents Lugh with his invincible spear, the weapon of Indo-European sky gods
  37. Fainnle [Swallow] & Frassach [Rain Shower] Darach Morghath: Oak Spear has 3 powers: it can transform wounded men into oak, restore oaken men to human form & command them to service, & when set in the ground will transform instantly into a great oak.
  38. Fferyl [Chemist], Ffowc, Figol [Worthy Young Tree] Ceridwen consulted the books of the Fferyllt in preparing her Cauldron of Inspiration. 3 Streams Flame
  39. Flannan [Bright Red] Crystal Egg: Swan of Endless Tales: 1 of 9 Solar Knights
  40. Fróech [Heather] Reborn from a Garad Well-Spring cow as Finnbhenach, the White Horned bull of Magh Ai: Fire Plain, Connacht & Nár reborn from a Cronn River: Globe River cow as Donn, the Brown Bull of Cuailnge. Rowan Berry Branch to heal Findbhair: White Trout
  41. Gaheris [Sun Ray] 1 of 13 Knights: Gwalchafed ap Arthur [Falcon of the Summer Sun]
  42. Galahad [Brave One] Maes Maichgen; The Red City: 1 of 13 Knights & Treasures: Dyrnwen: White Hilt, Silver Cup, Dysgyl: Platter, Candlestick. Grail healer.
  43. Gamal [A Scale], Gann [Scarce] & Garselid [Noise]
  44. Gareth [Warm Sun] 1 of 13 Knights: In Labyrinth he sends a white owl from the Otherworld to spy on the affairs of men. Arthurian Legend: King of Lothian
  45. Giolla & Mael Meanings [Man in Bloom / Silver]
  46. Goibniu-Gwyddno [Crane-Like One] a.k.a Gobhan Saor [Ancient Smith]: Mwys Gwyddno: Gwyddno’s Hamper: Ale keeps whoever tastes it from age, sickness, & death. Cow of Plenty.
  47. Goll [One-Eyed] Fomor God of Wrights: Lives in the Palace of a Thousand Candles. Slieve Baune. Hostel beside the Lusk called Bruidhean Chaorthainn: Red Berry Hostel
  48. Gralon [Full Rank] Fomor: Kêr-Iz: Citadel of the Below at the Bay of Douarnenez, Keraës: Carhaix, Finistère, Cornouaille: Black Grain Country, France.
  49. Gusg [Hearty Draught], Guthrie [Windy Place], Gwadyn [Sole], Gwevyl ap Gwestad [Son of Plain]
  50. Gwawl ap Clûd [Ray of Light] & Geena Mac Luga [Greed] Fomor: Gwawl: Pwyll tricked him into entering a magic bag of plenty, The Badger in the Bag. The victory of darkness & night over day.
  51. Iân [Sun] & Angus-Mabon [Fire-Honey] Grianag: The Land of the West: Rides through the sky in a bronze chariot called roth ranach: rowing wheel. Travels with 300 black ravens, a blue falcon & 30 golden finches. Takes the form of the crimson regenerating salmon of Llyn Llyw whose wife is Beara.
  52. Iárdanél [Western Cloud], Inloth Mar [Great Sea], Innsna [From the Island] Nemedian: Sacred Grove ancestor of the rain people.
  53. Ladra [Magpie] Cessair’s pilot who forms his own kingdom & dies of an excess of women.
  54. Lancelot [Fair Foundling] 1 of 13 Knights: Taken to Tír na mBan: The Land of Maidens. Nursed back to health by the goddess Elayne. His castle is Dinguardi: Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland looking out over the Farne Islands.
  55. Llenlleawg [Lake] Giant of Loch Leane, Killarny: Lérins is the Island of the Serpents. Trier-Trier-Trèves: Images of him show children holding pet doves as gifts to the god.
  56. Fergus Lethderg [Man Redside] Fertility God: Caladcholg: Singing Sword stretches to the length of a rainbow. He got it from playing a harp at the Castle of the King of the Eastern World. Golden glittering beech leaves.
  57. Lir [Sea Shore] Plânt Llyr: Magh Findargat: Plain of White Silver: A palace on an island of crystal & coral that is in the middle of the 7 seas. Llyr was seduced by an ice-maiden & mounted his sky chariot of flying fishes to journey to the North to get a magic crystal.
  58. Lorne [Searcher], Llary [Placid One] & Loisginn [Scorching Fire]
  59. Macnamara [Son of the Sea]-Mahon [Wolfhound] The Giants’ Stairs: This giant obtained supernatural powers of clairvoyance & prophesy by stealing a magic stone from a raven’s nest. 7-year old Phillp Ronayne rescued by Robin Kelly.
  60. Manannán Mac Lir [Staff Divine Son of Shore] He carries a magical Crane Bag full of plenty; visible at high-tide. He carries the Ring of Tairnigiri, that controls the weather.
  61. Marbán [Sea White] Sea White One of the Hermitage: Swineheard whose brother is King Guaire: Pure One-Arthur: Bear.
  62. Meargach [Insane] & Mechi [Root] Mechi: Patron of serpents & son of the Mórrígán. He has 3 hearts with 3 serpents inside them
  63. Merlin [Sea Fortress] Ceridwen: White Grain had him stir her Coire fhíos: Cauldron of Knowledge with the blind man Morda: Sea God. When he touches his burned finger to his mouth with 3 cauldron liquor drops he gains the powers of prophecy, inspiration & shapeshifting.
  64. Mesroída [Fruit], Dá Thó-Daithi [Stag], Caddoc [Soul Carrier] He has a magical boar so large 40 oxen can cover it. 2 avatars of the god: Mesorda is 1 brother Mes Gegra another. Mes Gegra’s hand cut off after eating half of a magical hazelnut. Hostel in County Carlow, Leinster: 7 doors, 7 roads through it, 7 fire places, 7 cauldrons.
  65. Milesians [Honeyed Ones] Gereint [Plough-Man], Airoch [Hearing One], Amairgen [Singing Birth], Colptha [Sacrificer], Eber Donn [Black Yew], Eber Finn [White Yew]. Eiderseál [Messenger], Ibor [Yew Tree], Suyirge [Sage of the West]
  66. Milesian: Bedevere [Birch], Eus [Horror], Ith [Hunger for Fertility], Heddwyn [Holy Peace], Laoghaire [Snow-Head], Miumhe [Terror], Palap [Radiating], Ulad-Houlihan [Noble], Bedevere: 1 of 13 Knights: Returns Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake. Dealing with King Gwynllyw: White Raven’s abduction of St. Gwladys from her father’s court in Brycheiniog.
  67. Móen [Mute], Mac Moincanta [Gentle Wealth], Moling [The Swift] He has long hair in many colors & strands of gold that is held in place with a golden ball. He wears a golden apple on his head. The vat of mead that refills itself is in the palace of Fand.
  68. Mordred [Accomplishment: Red Rose Knight] : 1 of 13 Knights: Arthur took him & all the babies born his birthday, Beltaine, & set them adrift in a large boat Mordred survived & was washed up an island shore & taken in by Lord Nabur.
  69. Moritsagus & the 9: Tristan-Dru [Melt-Oak], Conán [Reed], Meryl [Sea Hawk], Samson [Summer], Baudwin-Austel [Golden Rose], Mark [Horse], Malo Fiachna [Shining Knowledge Raven], Melwas [Honey] : Cadair Morgan: Magh Ionganaidh & Magh Ai (rthech) / Cockaigne. 1 of 13 Knights, Malo: God of Metalworkers & Goldsmiths who takes the form of a magical salmon, rules for 7 years & then his brothers take over for 7 years each.
  70. Muinremur [Vine] In triplicate form: brown giants with short brown curly hair, speckled red cloaks, black shields with clasps of gold.
  71. Nissyen [Peace Lover] His love of the goddess Deirdre is described as having red & white flames. He is given a yellow thistle by the goddess.
  72. Nechtán [Sacred Waters] Controls the flow of water & rain into the multiverse. He is collector & keeper of life-forces to be redefined & sent back to life by the Dagda. Fainne: Ring of Wisdom: divine wisdom to wearer.
  73. Nemed [Sacred Grove] Vivian & the Floralières surround his roots with a blanket of lichen & carpet of ferns crowned by a ring of Phallus impudicus.
  74. Net [Nest] & Nía [Nut] Net: Giant whose grandsons are Balor, Eab & Senchab. His child is Dotterine: Egg Yolk. Craebruad: Red Branch: Nía & Bruthne are table-servants for the god Conaire: Reed
  75. Nudd [Yew] Vale of Neith: Depicted on a bronze plaque haloed like the sun accompanied by flying wind spirits. Triton with fisherman hooking salmon.
  76. Ogre-Ogmios [Egg] God of eloquence who writes the 1st message in Ogam. Given Sídh Airceltrai. The French doight auriculaire: auricular finger ’s divinitory character was established early enough in Western Europe for it to appear in a number of folk tales concerning the loss of a little finger or a little toe, by an ogre’s daughter.
  77. Oisín [Little Fawn], Raigne, Pog [Kiss], Ceol [Music] & Osgar [Deer Lover] Oisín went to Tír na nÓg: The Country of the Young with Princess Niamh.
  78. Olann [Dawn] Fertility God. Ruler of Magh Dá Cheo: Plain of the 2 Mists.
  79. Omna, Onchú [Fierce Hound], Oscar [Deer Lover]
  80. Peredur [Steel Arms] 1 of 13 Knights: Consort of Cundry: On the great tree of green foliage, white sheep turning black are souls going from the sky to earth. Black are souls going from earth to sky.
  81. Pisear [Charming] God & king of Persia. He has a poisoned spear named Aredbair. Its blade is stored in a cauldron of water so that the heat from the spear does not melt down the city where it is kept.
  82. Place-name Gods Cosus, Greto, Ladicus, Larocus, Mentoviacus, Munis, Vasio-Esus, Mullo
  83. Pryderi [White Cow] Chases a white boar & stuck fast to the Diwrnach: golden bowl. Women swallowing insects (pry) & spiders (corryn)
  84. Roigne Black, pointed thick head of hair, large, subtle, all-white eyes in his head, & a smooth-blue Ethiopian countenance; large bronze wand in his hand.
  85. Saran [Best Noble], Saoirse [Freedom] God who killed the god Brandubh: Black Raven of Leinster.
  86. Seamus [Supplanter] The 4 cities located in Denmark: Seamus of Murias [Sea], Urias of Gorias [Egg], Uscias of Finias [White], Morias of Falias [Shining]
  87. Seán [Hawk] The land of the Northwest Wind, East of the Sun & West of the Moon. He gains a magic tablecloth, a goose that lays golden eggs, a magic club that will break up firewood. Robin: Decidous Oak & Wren: Evergreen Oak
  88. Searbhán [Surley] 1 eyed Fomorii god with long teeth & thick iron collar wound around his body who guards the magic rowan tree at Dubhros Wood that cures sickness & disease called the Food of the Gods.
  89. Sláinge [Health] Erc: Trout: God of creation who lives at Sliabh Slanga: Health Mountain / Slieve Donard: Dark Mountain, the highest of the Morne Mountains in Northern Ireland which overhangs the sea.
  90. Suamnach [Drowsy], Sléibhín [Mountain], Smoit [Inspiration], Struther [Brook], Sugn [Suck Son of Sucker]
  91. Suibne [Young Pig: Pleasant Madman] Triple god married to the goddess Éorann before he went mad. He called himself Ferr Benn: Man of the Peaks. His brothers are Rodui: Holy Well and Fordui: Perfect Diety and they are the sons of Maphar: Bear of the Mighty song.
  92. Taran [Thunderer], Tadhg [Poet] Taran is god of thunder & rain worshipped from Britain to Yugoslavia. Tadhg is king of the moon who went to see the goddess Cliodna.
  93. Tassach [Fever, Melting, Soft, Cup, Vessel], Tiobraide [Particle] In the Driving of Dartaid’s Cattle his son is Corp Liath: Grey Soul Carrier & they live by Nemain: Pearl River. St Tassach administered the last sacrament to St Patrick on March 17th. Tiobraide: King of the Dál n-Araidhe who dressed up as a woman with Arthur.
  94. Trent [Rapid Stream] Fomor sent to spy on Deidre.
  95. Tuátha Cruithne [People of Wheat] Kay-Cé [Cream] 1 of 13 Knights: Tuatha Cruithne: People of Wheat live in Muirthemne: The Country Over The Waves.
  96. Tuis-Tor [Impregnator]-Twrch [Pig] 1 of 13 Knights: 7 magical pipes. Children are 7 swine that are killed & regenerate every day. Their meat cures all disease. They can turn water into wine after 9 days.
  97. Uaithne [Green] The Dagda plays him as a personified harp summoning his sons Súantrade: sleep-strain, Gentrade: laughing-strain, Goltrade: crying-strain.
  98. Úgaine [Great Lamb]-Crimthann [Fox] Eithiopian King with dark skin, curly hair & a golden diadem.
  99. Wella ap Caw [The Vision] God of wisdom: Yns Môn: Angelsey. He gave a golden ball & a bell to Caddoc: Soul Carrier.
  100. With-Gwynn-Finn [White]-Gawain [White Hawk] 1 of 13 Knights: Salmon of Knowledge: Craig y Ddinas, Vale of Neath=Netherworld, Glamorganshire, Wales.
  101. Yspkerdav [Being] In Gwerz Scolan from Lyr du Caerfyrddin: Black Book of Merlin he is a man dressed in a black cape, on a black horse.
  102. Zethar [Seagull] Cornish word for Black-backed seagull.

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